Plant turnarounds, or plant shutdowns, are an important part of any company that deals with manufacturing, well, anything. While this process is usually internal, most companies will usually hire subcontractors to achieve the turnaround in a meaningful time. However, what isn’t considered by most is hiring a plant turnaround support service. Here’s a few facts about these services that may help your company with its own turnaround processes.

Turnarounds should be on a strict schedule

Turnarounds are often run at a similar schedule and intervals from previous turnarounds. This familiarity can improve processes, but it can lend itself to a lack of improvement as complacency sets in on the plant floor. Outside support services can extend a direct benefit to this process by surveying the entire turnaround, and providing feedback for processes that can be improved for the next, or even current, turnaround.

Maintenance is an important step that is often overlooked

Maintenance is often the most important consideration for these shutdowns. Parts that can’t be replaced during work hours will need to be replaced; some machines may even need to be replaced entirely. Plant turnaround support can provide an additional workforce for this necessary phase of turnaround. This support unit will have experienced technicians that can provide both on hand work and extra training for the current maintenance crews, improving turnaround times.

Not everyone thinks about what equipment will be needed for plant turnaround

Equipment necessary for turnaround isn’t always on site. Certain safety equipment, such as gas masks, harnesses, confined space entry equipment, and others, aren’t going to be on hand on plants. Plant turnaround support services will have all of this equipment, and more, for making sure the turnaround is as safe as possible. Additionally, the support unit will have the ability to train new and returning employees on the use of this equipment, preventing the need for extra training provided by the company.

Technical rescues might be necessary

Technical rescues aren’t pleasant to think about, but are a common risk when it comes to plant turnarounds. However, training on hand employees with the knowledge required for technical rescue, and having the equipment on hand, can be a risky, expensive endeavor. As such, plant turnaround support services are almost always technical rescue services as well. When it comes to heavy machinery, one can never be too safe.

Plant turnaround support provides more services than you would think.

Plant turnaround support doesn’t only help during times of plant turnaround. This support service can provide additional services in the form of training outside of the bounds of the turnaround. From training those tasked with making sure the turnaround goes smoothly, to training those who are tasked with hiring subcontractors and ordering parts, turnaround support can iron out all of the rough edges with a company’s policies for turnaround.

No matter what you’re making, any plant will have a reason to conduct a plant turnaround. If all goes as planned, these turnarounds can even make up for the cost of the lack of production during their time by improving efficiency and safety. Plant turnaround support services can help by providing equipment, technical rescue services, training for all areas of the company, and helping on the ground with maintenance. No matter how well your company conducts plant turnarounds, consider hiring a plant turnaround service like Capstone Fire to improve your efficiency!