Proven, Cost-Effective Services for Petro-Chemical, Power Generation and Manufacturing Facilities!

Industrial plant turnarounds are complex, costly, and fraught with risk. Through every turnaround phase, there are challenges that jeopardize performance requirements and budgetary bottom lines. Working safely through these phases requires a partner who understands what’s at stake: Not only the health and well-being of your employees, but the turnaround timeline itself.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management can provide a scalable service offering including Technical Rescue, On-site Medical Services, and Industrial Fire Support to help achieve your goals.

Technical Rescue

  • High/Low Angle Rescue

  • Confined Space Rescue

  • Pre-Rescue Plans, JSA, Confined Space Permits

On-Site Medical Services

  • Clinics or Staffing

  • Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, or EMTs

  • Emergency Transportation

Industrial Fire Support

  • Fire Watch

  • ERT Augmentation

  • Industrial Fire Brigade

  • Fire Suppression System Outages

Capstone Fire & Safety Management is ready to provide one-day maintenance shutdown support services to full-scale multiple-month-long turnaround confined space rescue and fire support services.

We understand the demands of a facility shutdown. Maintenance technicians, subcontractors, site personnel and managers often increase the onsite personnel during a shutdown/turnaround to more than 3,000 people, depending on the size of your facility. This increase in persons requires supplemental support during your confined space entries to ensure a safe, smooth entry 24/7 during the turnaround. We can provide oversight for your subcontractors and for our teams as entries are performed around the clock.

Site pre-planning with your safety manager prior to the start of the shutdown will allow us to identify the hazards and prepare each entry site with a rescue pre-plan so that all operations run smoothly.

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