Technical Rescue

Capstone provides professional technical and confined space rescue services to support our client’s permit required entries under OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926 and/or 1910.146. Our personnel, program, and equipment meet and/or exceed NFPA standards 1006, 1670, and 1983.

Our Chief Officers, Firefighters, Rescue Technicians, and EMTs have a unique background with tested capabilities to mitigate a variety of unplanned, emergency events.

Our Rescue Technicians Offer


Water rescue


Hazard assessments, rescue planning, site and space evaluation/classification


Accountability and permit oversight


Atmospheric monitoring and ventilation


High and low angle rescue


Trench standby


Tunnel rescue standby


Offshore platform rescue


When applicable, our technicians obtain security clearance for defense installations and critical infrastructure areas


Cross-trained fire/rescue/EMT personnel


Our Chief Officers, Division and Battalion Chiefs are easy to reach, professional, responsive, and collaborative


Complex confined space rescue


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Our rescue teams have qualified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) on staff.  Not all providers offer this level of medical capability. If a worker becomes trapped, incapacitated or injured, retrieval of that person is only part of the operation.

EMT Scope of Practice

Cardiac arrest care, airway control, bleeding control/trauma, spinal trauma treatment, limb injuries, mass casualty incidents (MCI’s) and more.

Preparedness at all costs

As an on-site safety provider, we are prepared to render aid throughout your facility to include offices, subcontractor trailers, and mobile staff.

ICS Compliance

Understand and operate within the Incident Command System (ICS).

Multifaceted Rescue

Complex extrication involving structural failure or collapse of infrastructure.

Widespread Communications

Communication with incoming municipal fire/EMS agencies

Services Brochure

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What Makes Capstone Services Unique?


All our Chief Officers, Firefighters, Fire Marshals, Safety Specialists, and Rescue Technicians go through rigorous mandatory training and credential certification programs.


Each of our service branches are overseen by executive leadership and Chief Officers who operationally manage in a paramilitary chain of command organized into specific committees to address a variety of areas.


At our core, Capstone Fire is a company based on the fundamental principle that our employees are the foundation of the company. Being a part of our team means full dedication and support to our clients.


Cutting edge technology and fleet tracking software allows us to track, alert, monitor, and dispatch units quickly and efficiently.

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