Capstone works collaboratively with each customer to customize their emergency preparedness program to include prevention, preparation, and response programs, with unwavering dedication to integrate with their unique objectives, goals, and infrastructure. Whether it’s supplying a full-service Industrial Fire Brigade or augmenting current Emergency Response Team (ERT), we pride ourselves on flexibility and creativity to help solve each customers’ unique needs being laser focused on safety, quality, excellence and cost efficiency.  Our goal is for you to be assured that your facility is running smoothly and in compliance with your standard operating procedures and regulatory commitments.

Marketplace Challenges

Do you ever struggle supporting adequate membership with your volunteer Emergency Response Teams (ERT)?

We can offer short-term or long-term staffing to ensure your facility is fully covered and prepared for any event and emergency.

Do you need to fill the Fire Chief role while he is out on leave?

We can offer short-term or long-term solutions to ensure your facility is still prepared and ready to battle an emergency incident at a moment’s notice.

Are you preparing for an outage or a turnaround and need added support?

Capstone can help cover your emergency response duties so you can keep your experts in their primary job function.

Industries We Serve

We proudly serve customers in the Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream), Chemical Processing, Auto Manufacturing, Research & Development, Electric Utility including generation, transmission, and distribution industries to name a few.


Emergency Response Services

Fire Protection & Fire Prevention Services

Pre-Incident Planning Including the Development of Threat Assessments

Development and Implementation of Pre-Emergency Response Plans

Fire Apparatus and Equipment Management and Maintenance

Fire Prevention and Safety Inspections

Test, Inspection and Maintenance of Facility Fire Protection

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Issue of Work Permits: (Hot Work, Confined Space Entry, Elevated Work)

Flammable Liquid Firefighting and Suppression

Fires in High-Voltage Settings

Emergency Management Services

Development of Emergency Response and Situational Response Plans

Interoperability Plans and Training with Local Mutual Aid, Local Government, State Government and Federal Agencies Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)

Conducting and Managing Facility-Wide Drills and Exercises

Conducting Certified CPR/AED and First Aid Training

Review of Federal and State Emergency Preparedness Rules and Regulations

Interaction with Facility Executive Level Personnel on Compliance to Mandated Emergency Preparedness Regulations


Capstone has a wide variety of equipment and apparatus used in industrial settings. We can use client owned equipment or we can supply our equipment.

Qualified Personnel

Qualified PersonnelAll personnel are Capstone employees allowing for oversight and quality control of our services. Capstone’s personnel undergo extensive background investigations, work capacity testing, physical agility testing, stress electrocardiogram (ECG), spirometry, and pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.

Capstone personnel go through an 40-80 hour academy upon hiring so we can test and evaluate their skills and performance before going into the field to work for our clients.

Personnel are assigned task books and a career development guide to aid them in achieving experience and readiness for their next position and rank.

Minimum qualifications for our Industrial Firefighters are EMT, Firefighter I and II, Confined Space Rescue Technicians, HAZ-MAT FRO, and TEEX Flammable Liquid certified.