Battery Energy Storage System Support Services

Knowledge, training, and proper communication will ensure safety at the end of the day.

Within the emergency services industry, we are seeing more battery energy storage systems (BESS) requiring emergency response. Ensuring the local responding agency has the proper knowledge, training, and communication to safely respond is where our expertise comes in. The bottom line is firefighters and electrical personnel simply do not speak the same language. We can help bridge the gap in your understanding on who would be the local agency responding to your emergency, whether it be a paid-call volunteer department, hybrid department, or municipal department, and we can provide them with integral training, so they understand the intricacies of your on-site hazards.

Capstone’s scalable services can offer a host of support to your most valuable critical infrastructure.

  • Emergency Response Plan Development

    • Communication Planning
    • Specialized Equipment Planning
  • Interagency Site Familiarization, Electrical and Battery Storage Awareness Training

    • Initial and Annual Training
  • Facilitate Subject Matter Expert (SME) Collaboration from Environmental, Operations, and Emergency Response Teams

  • Provide EMTs, Firefighters, or Industrial Fire Brigade to Assist with Preventative Standby or Emergency Response