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For more than twenty years, we have provided customized life safety solutions for our customers through wildland and industrial firefighting personnel, technical confined space rescue teams, and emergency medical technicians.

We service nearly every industry within the nation’s public, private, and government critical infrastructure sectors. These service industries maintain exceptionally high reliability standards and entrust Capstone to deliver a service that meets these expectations.

We have a committed safety culture, having developed extensive environmental health and safety policies, including site-specific safety plans that have been vetted by industry contractor management services – ISNetworld and Avetta. We offer an outsourced solution to your regulatory compliance and risk management needs, and our services can help you avoid costly litigation. At Capstone Fire & Safety Management, our goal is to build a trusted relationship with our customers.

Our passion is to ensure that your team members go home to their families at the end of the day. We are confident that we will provide you with an unparalleled service through professional property and life safety protection solutions. Come experience the Capstone Way.

Why Choose Us


We work collaboratively with our customers to become part of the safety infrastructure providing an unsurpassed level of turn-key safety programs.


Our customers report material benefit by using our services reducing their risk of inadvertent events costing time, money, and injury.


Having personnel with first-hand knowledge of specialized fire and rescue needs brings an unsurpassed expertise to an emergency situation.

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Client Testimonials

“Capstone has been very responsive to the needs of our company. Maintaining a safe environment during confined space entries allows us to preserve our “Safety First” culture. Very professional and well trained, Capstone is our first call.”

- LaMont Feske

“These guys know their stuff, provide an extremely valuable service and should be an integral part of wildfire disaster planning.”

- Rogan Dwyer

“Professional wildland & critical infrastructure protection services.”

- Daniel Bruffett

“Capstone was a great company to work with. They assisted my company by provided rescue support for our internal inspection of a 78″ water transmission line. They provided safety equipment and personal necessary to ensure our project proceeded in a safe and reliable manner. They were easy to work with and were very responsive to our impromptu support requests. Capstone provided an excellent service in safety management and I would contact them again for the next project.”

- Cruiz

“Great group of professionals, they ensure I make it home safe to my family!”

- Ray Ruiz

“We have used two different contractors to perform this function for us, but have been extremely pleased with one in particular, Capstone. They have been extremely professional, very responsive to our needs, and economically reasonable.”

- Sr. Program Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

“It is with great deal of pride and pleasure that I extend my heartiest recommendation for the sound business and acumen and relationship we here at SCE have experienced in our continued partnership with Capstone.

As the primary vendor for wildfire and emergency services, Capstone has responded to and exceeded our every business need. In often hectic situations, SCE has nevertheless repeatedly received courteous, prompt and reliable service from Capstone. Accordingly, we continue to look forward to a meaningful business relationship.”

- T&D Safety Manager, Southern California Edison

“Capstone has exceeded all rescue service expectations. Employees are very well trained and professional.”

- General Foreman, United States Gypsum Co.

“I have been working with Capstone’s confined space team for several years and couldn’t imagine working with a more professional organization. Their crew is very responsive, on time and well trained.”

- President, Tucker Construction
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