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August 10, 2018Training & Safety, activities, federal, federal agencies, federal osha, health, osha, program, programmed inspections, programs, protection, protection program, safety, safety and health, site, voluntary protection, voluntary protection program, vpp participants, vpp program, vpp site, workers

Voluntary Protection Program: Now is the Time

Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is a program OSHA has set up to reward companies that are proactive with occupational health and safety goals and implementation practices. VPP sites have many benefits as well as rewards internally...

July 30, 2018Training & Safety, event happens, fire rescue, fire rescue and safety, leader, leadership, leadership style, management, management system, production and quality, ready for events, rescue and safety, safety, safety management, safety management system, safety services, system, transactional, transactional leader, transformational, transformational leader

Safety Leadership: Proactive or Reactive

Leadership is talked about throughout all levels of business and there are many different types of leaders. Some leaders tend to be proactive in styles while others are reactive in style. When it comes to a safety management system is...

June 29, 2018Technical Rescue, action plan, confined space, emergency, emergency action, emergency action plan, emergency response, emergency response plan, emergency response services, fire, fire prevention, fire prevention plan, job title, minimum elements, name or job, name or job title, plan, prevention plan, procedures, protect workers, trenching and excavation

OSHA Cites Workplace for Not Having Safety or Fire Rescue Services

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to have emergency response to hazardous substances being released, trenching and excavation rescues, and confined space entry rescues. Responses to such events...

June 8, 2018Training & Safety, academy graduates, cfsm, experience, fire academies, fire academy, fire academy graduates, fire agencies, fire service, graduates, jobs, local fire, members, military, military service, military service members, retiring from fire, retiring from fire service, service, service members, transitioning from the military

Fire Protection Jobs

Recently, due to demand, Capstone Fire & Safety Management (CFSM) has offered colleges and fire academies a unique opportunity to extend jobs to their candidates the day they graduate. Schools and training centers alike have...

May 11, 2018Training & Safety, action plan, action plan eap, emergency, emergency action, emergency action plan, emergency action plan eap, fight or flee, fire, fire prevention, fire prevention plan, fire prevention plan fpp, job title, name or job, name or job title, osha 2018, plan, plan eap, prevention plan, prevention plan fpp, procedures

A Plan for Accountability and Worker Safety

This is a continuation of the previous article, Hostile Environments and OSHA: Accountability for Worker Safety. This part of the article will explore resources available for the employer preparing for types of hostile environments....

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