July 28, 2022Industrial Fire, Security, Technical Rescue, , , capstone fire, fire suppression, fire suppression services, industrial fire, public services, services, suppression, suppression services, work site

What You Need To Know About Industrial Fire Suppression Services

As a business or property owner, the last thing you want is a fire outbreak at your work site because fire outbreaks can cause unimaginable loss. For example, properties of unimaginable value can be damaged while lives can also be...

May 31, 2022Security, Training & Safety, , action plan, capstone fire, emergency, emergency action, emergency action plan, emergency response, employees, osha regulations

Everything You Need to Know About OSHA Emergency Planning

No matter how small or large your company is, you must have an emergency action plan and share it with your employees. Even if you have just one employee, OSHA requires that you have an emergency action plan. Would you be prepared if a...

April 27, 2022Technical Rescue, , , emergency, northern california, rescue teams, services, site, technical, technical rescue, work site, workers

Why You May Need Technical Rescue Services In Northern California

Technical rescue services should always be an integral part of any Northern California work site. These types of technical rescue services take on so many rescue operations that a random person can’t do because they are not...

April 26, 2022Industrial Fire, News, Technical Rescue, , employees, fire safety, hazards, help, industrial fire, life, prevent, safety, safety services, services, technical rescue, work, work environment

4 Reasons To Hire Industrial Fire Safety Services

Fire accidents, although preventable, can still happen at any time. When this happens it can affect your business and investments as well as your life and the life of your employees. This is why, as an employer, you are responsible for...

Wildfires: A Learning Lesson in Utility Fire Safety
March 29, 2022News, Security, Training & Safety, Wildland Fire, , , , capstone fire, fire, prevent, suppression services, wildfire, wildfire suppression, wildfire suppression services, wildfires

What You Need To Know About Wildfire Prevention And Suppression In Oregon

Oregon is no stranger to wildfires. In the last few years, the size of wildfires in the Western state has increased significantly despite efforts to stop or slow fires in the area. While some believe that natural wildfires are part of...

Capstone Fire Industrial Fire Services
February 28, 2022Industrial Fire, News, , , , fire prevention, fire risks, fire safety, fire services, industrial fire

Why Hire Industrial Fire Service In Orange County?

California fire seasons can be deadly. That makes it important to make sure your residents are safe as a property owner or manager. A fire outbreak is a situation that can never be predicted. Hiring industrial fire services in Orange...

February 25, 2022News, Technical Rescue, , , confined, confined space, confined space rescue, confined spaces, construction site, rescue teams, services, space, space rescue, technical, technical confined, technical confined space, technical confined space rescue, technical rescue, technical rescue teams, trapped

Types Of Technical Rescue Services In California

Emergency and rescue services ensure public safety and health by addressing different situations. Fire and rescue services are primary emergency services that carry out fire suppression and technical rescue missions. Technical rescue...

January 31, 2022News, Technical Rescue, Wildland Fire, , , , services, suppression services, wildfire, wildfire suppression, wildfire suppression services

Reasons to Hire Wildfire Suppression Services in California

There are lots of reasons to hire wildfire suppression services in California, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner (or both). Wildfire season is year-round these days, and the risks of wildfires starting in your neighborhood...

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