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3 Things to Know About Wildfire Suppression Services in Northern California

Wildfire suppression services in Northern California can help ease the pressure on state-funded wildfire services and fire departments during fire season. Businesses and private residences can hire wildfire suppression services to work...

July 28, 2021Training & Safety, Wildland Fire, , , business, fire, private fire, service, services, site, suppression services, wildfire suppression, wildfire suppression services

What to Look for in Oregon Wildfire Suppression Services

Wildfire season is in full swing, and that means that Oregon wildfire suppression services are needed now more than ever. Wildfire seasons are starting sooner, and lasting longer than they ever have in the past. They’re also stretching...

Capstone Fire Industrial Fire Services
June 30, 2021Training & Safety, , , business, fire protection, fire safety, fires, industrial fire, protection, training, wildfire, workplace

What Is Industrial Fire Protection & How Do You Prepare For A Fire?

With the wildfire season arriving earlier every year, it’s becoming more important than ever to take industrial fire protection and wildfire prevention seriously year-round. The odds of a fire breaking out due to your own business...

June 30, 2021Training & Safety, Wildland Fire, , , business, capstone fire, community, fire, fires, help, prevent, prevention, services, wildfire, wildfire season

What Wildfire Prevention Planning and Services Can Do For Your Business

It’s never too early in the year to start thinking about wildfire prevention planning, and it’s never a bad idea to be thinking about how your business can be at the forefront of wildfire prevention—even if you’re located in an urban...

May 31, 2021Training & Safety, , , , confined, confined space, confined spaces, space, spaces, work site

Atmospheric Air Monitoring and Ventilation Best Practices

One of the biggest risks in being stuck in a confined space is the lack of oxygen that the space may provide. It’s important that emergency services can get people out of confined spaces when they become stuck, but it’s also important...

Regulations for Confined Space Rescue
April 29, 2021Technical Rescue, , , confined, confined space, confined space rescue, non-entry rescue, rescue team, self rescue, space rescue, type of rescue, types of confined, types of confined space

What You Need To Know About The Three Types Of Confined Space Rescue

When people refer to confined space rescue they’re often referring to the types of dangerous rescues that require someone to enter a space in order to help another remove. Think, for example, like when someone gets trapped in a cave...

April 28, 2021Training & Safety, , construction site, equipment, hazards, job, personal protective, potential hazards, safety and compliance, site, site safety, work, work environment

Here’s A Quick Construction Site Safety and Compliance Checklist

Construction site safety and compliance is the most important aspect of creating a smooth and successful work environment. When construction sites are unsafe, they can extend the timeline of a project by days or even weeks if site...

March 30, 2021News, Security, Training & Safety, , , california, dead, fire, home, leaves, property, risks, wildfire

What You Need To Know About Fire Prevention And Safety In California

As we approach the throes of wildfire season in California, the risks of seeing a wildfire break out in your neighborhood are greater than ever. With particularly harsh wildfire seasons hitting different parts of California in recent...

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Agreement will Enhance GMR’s Portfolio of Wildland, Industrial and Technical Fire Services (FIDDLERS GREEN, Colo.) — Global Medical Response (GMR) officials announced today that its operating company, Rural/Metro Fire, completed a...

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