December 23, 2020Training & Safety, , compliance, employee training, equipment, job, los angeles, osha, risk, site, training, work, work site, workers

What You Need To Know About Site and Safety Compliance in Los Angeles

Worksite dangers are few and far between when all of your employees are properly educated in site and safety compliance at your Los Angeles site. While that statement sounds like a no-brainer, you would be surprised how often work...

September 14, 2020Training & Safety, , california, debris, dry, electricity, fall, fire, fire risks, fires, home, house fires, housing communities, leaves, lint, neighborhood, northern california, risks, season, start, time, vent

What Homeowners Need To Know About Northern California Fire and Safety Management

These days it’s almost always fire season in California. While wildfires are a major contribution to the fire problems that California has, it’s not uncommon for wildfires to spark in housing communities. This poses a particularly...

August 28, 2020Security, Training & Safety, , , , angeles fire, angeles fire protection, business, companies, company, experienced, fire protection, fire protection companies, fire protection company, home, los angeles, los angeles fire, los angeles fire protection, protection, protection companies, protection company, services, technicians, training, work

What to Look For in Los Angeles Fire Protection Companies

With fire season starting alarmingly early this year, it might be a good idea to get familiar with your local Los Angeles fire protection companies both for tips on how to avoid starting a fire and on how to protect your home and your...

July 30, 2020News, Training & Safety, Wildland Fire, , california, dead, dead vegetation, fire, help, home, lawn, materials, plan, prevent, property, remove, risk, safety, season, spark, vegetation from around your property, wildfire, wildfire safety, wildfires

5 Wildfire Safety Tips For Californians

The unfortunate truth is that there is no one season that you could call wildfire season in California anymore. With increased wildfires in Southern California later and later in the year throughout the last decade, preventing...

Arkema Chemical Fire in Houston Proves Fire Protection and Safety Regulations Are Needed
June 29, 2020Industrial Fire, News, Security, , , broke, business, california, capstone fire, dry, facility, fire broke, fire departments, fire season, fires, grass, local, power, risk, risks, season, solar, solar power, wildfire, wildfire damage

A Brush Fire Broke Out Near a Solar Generating Facility

A brush fire broke out earlier this month just feet away from a solar power generation facility near Lancaster, California. The fire broke out in a patch of dry grass just next to the facility and burned as much as 65 acres of land...

Wildfires: A Learning Lesson in Utility Fire Safety
May 25, 2020News, Technical Rescue, Training & Safety, , area, close, fire, fire weather, fire weather stations, geographic area, prevent a fire, risk, risk of a wildfire, southwest, southwest united, southwest united states, states, too close, united states, weather, weather stations, wildfire, work, work site

Reports Say That Fire Weather Risk Is Higher In 2020 Than It Was In 2019

Just days ago, an organization that monitors the weather patterns and determines how those contribute or diminish the risk of a wildfire in areas throughout the Southwest United States published an article that declared 2020 to have a...

Capstone Fire Wildland Fire Services - Private
May 11, 2020News, Security, Training & Safety, , , , area, bill, california, communities, community, community planners, fire, fires, help, help prevent, help prevent wildfires, homeowners and community, homeowners and community planners, prevent, prevent wildfires, risk, risks, together, wildfire, wildfires

Staying Fire Wise: Community Planners and Homeowners Can Prevent Wildfires, Too

There are a number of ways to stay fire wise in areas like Southern California that have a higher risk of wildfire no matter the time of year. Sometimes mitigating the risk of fires breaking out in a certain area might fall on the...

April 28, 2020News, Security, Training & Safety, , capstone fire, certain areas, controlled burn, eliminate, eliminate the risk, fire retardant, fire suppression, fire suppression services, growth, invasive species, risk, risks involved, services, situations, suppression, suppression services, water, wildfire, wildfire situations, work

What Are Fire Suppression Services Meant to Do?

We’ve realized that the term ‘fire suppression services’ is often a vague, blanket term to refer to a lot of different services that have to do with controlling or eliminating the threat of a wildfire. While not every form of fire...

April 7, 2020News, Security, Training & Safety, , , communicating, communication, company, complying, good communication, hazards, help save, look, osha, osha regulations, paying attention, potential hazards, regulations, risks, risks involved, safety, site, start, work, work site

Communication Is the Key to OSHA Site Safety Services

Even the most successful companies are not immune to safety violations if they are not careful and strict from the start. Many companies, even ones that appear to be doing everything the right way, can fall victim to major fines if...

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