Dedicated Engine & Personnel to shadow your linemen.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management offers a customized wildfire prevention and response program for utility customers. Our program is scalable and can adjust depending on size of service territory. Our dedicated engines and CA State Fire Marshal-certified firefighters are available to dispatch out daily with your lineman crews throughout the year. The program is able to meet the changing environments of extreme weather, drought conditions, or other factors that require us to position our resources in the most advantageous locations for support.

Our goal is to provide client-orientated services that keep saving life and property as our number one priority. We operate in full compliance with Local, State and Federal regulations.

With years of experience in operating emergency response and standby wildfire programs, our crews can adjust to a range of factors affecting your daily work or trouble calls located in high fire threat areas. We can patrol and assist during Public Safety Power Shutdowns (PSPS) and be on alert during Red Flag warning days.

Our equipment and personnel meet and exceed the NWCG guidelines. We are also fully vetted through ISNetworld and Avetta to ensure that we maintain excellent safety standards.

  • Quick Attack Fire Suppression

  • BLS Medical Support

  • Hot Work Permits

  • Fire Hazards Daily Tailboard Topics

  • High and Low Angle Rope Rescue

  • Hose Lays and Wet Downs Prior to Hot Work

  • PSPS Patrol

  • Red Flag Warning Standby