OSHA compliance is a huge part of workplace safety. However, the amount of compliance necessary to keep up is often a significant investment for any company. This is where OSHA compliance services come in. These services work directly with your company and its employees to ensure all compliance laws are followed. Here are a few questions to ask OSHA compliance services to make sure they’re the right choice for your company!

OSHA compliance services are usually just one service that companies like Capstone Fire offer. An important question to ask about these services is what they can offer in addition to ensuring OSHA compliance. For example, do they offer assistance with industrial fire safety? Are they a private emergency response team for fire and medical emergencies? Learning the full scope of the services, well, service is an essential task for any company.

Technical rescue is usually an essential part of OSHA compliance services. Technical rescue refers to rescuing people who are stuck in exceptionally hazardous positions and are dangerous for untrained coworkers to try and save them from. Vehicle extrication, confined space rescue, rope rescue, and trench rescue are all technical rescue methods requiring expert training. These compliance services should be able to inform you of what rescue they are capable of, or give you a referral to a technical rescue company. This service is more important than others in its necessity for emergencies.

Another question to consider is asking the OSHA compliance service the scope of their operation. After all, a huge variety of the laws included in OSHA compliance and multiple angles in which a company has to satisfy them. Will the service simply provide training for employees? While training is the most important aspect of OSHA compliance, simply telling employees what is necessary for compliance doesn’t always work. Will the service follow up on training through observation and give more training as necessary? These services are a significant investment; always make sure you get the most bang for your buck by asking for the full scope of their operation.

The services answers to these questions should give you an idea of the scope they are willing to provide for your company. After these interviews, juxtapose the offered services against what your company needs. Is technical rescue a real possibility in your company? Or do you just need up-to-date training to keep the floor safe? Always consider your options before moving ahead, and look for more compliance services if necessary.

Interviews are an always present topic for companies. From hiring new employees and contractors to gathering new clients, asking questions is usually an entire department’s job. The same is true of OSHA compliance services. When these services are in the question of being hired, always ask them for the important details, such as what services they offer, if they have options for technical rescue services, and what the scope of their operation is. The answers they provide will be the basis for whether or not you hire that service. Safety is always a priority; find an OSHA compliance service like Capstone Fire today to ensure all operations go smoothly!