Site Safety Services

Capstone offers professional Project Safety Specialist to provide policy compliant consultation and/or worksite observation and hazard assessment. We promote and oversee adherence to OSHA and other safety regulations in workplace conditions.

Services Include:

  • Regular walk-through inspections of the facility to ensure safe working conditions and work practices are being followed. Inspections are documented using the ICS-214 Activity Log.

  • Report unsafe workplace conditions and safety violations to client contact and contractor supervision. (Imminent hazards must be addressed immediately in accordance with site policy and procedures.)

  • Work with client and contractors to mitigate unsafe conditions/practices and recommend corrective actions as appropriate.

  • Provide on-the-spot safety training/coaching as appropriate.

  • Participate in the daily project meeting and provide project safety status.

  • Participate in client safety meetings.

  • Participate in contractor safety meetings on an intermittent basis.


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What Makes Capstone Services Unique?


All of our Chief Officers, Firefighters, Fire Marshals, Safety Specialists, and Rescue Technicians go through rigorous mandatory training and credential certification programs.


Each of our service branches are overseen by executive leadership and Chief Officers who operationally manage in a paramilitary chain of command organized into specific committees to address a variety of areas.


At our core, Capstone is a company based on the fundamental principle that our employees are the foundation of the company. Being a part of our team means full dedication and support to our clients.


Cutting edge technology and fleet tracking software allows us to track, alert, monitor, and dispatch units quickly and efficiently.