Oregon is no stranger to wildfires. In the last few years, the size of wildfires in the Western state has increased significantly despite efforts to stop or slow fires in the area. While some believe that natural wildfires are part of a healthy wildlife ecosystem, uncontrolled wildfires started by humans, power lines and climate change can cause a lot of danger to the forest ecosystem, natural resources, properties, and animal or human life. We must do our part to protect the ecosystem from wildfires, and prevent them from occurring as much as possible. Reports have shown that in the last few years, Oregon has spent well over $226 million to combat forest fires on state-protected lands.

When exactly do wildfires occur in Oregon?

Although it will be tough to predict the exact time that wildfires occur in Oregon accurately, one thing we know so far is that most of the wildfires recorded in the last few years happened during the hot, dry months of July, August, and September. Wildfire season is becoming increasingly longer, and several of the largest fires recorded in the last decade have been caused by humans—whether intentionally or accidentally.

Understanding Oregon wildfire suppression.

Oregon wildfire suppression services work alongside public rescue and fire safety services to curb wildfires, respond to fires in urban areas, and work with local businesses and organizations to prevent fires from starting as much as possible. These private organizations, such as Capstone Fire, do this to prevent congestion on public services and to ease demand for fire services in urban areas while public fire departments work to combat wildfires.

What can wildfire suppression services do for your Oregon business?

As a business or house owner, your ultimate priority should be on keeping your workers and property safe from wildfires and to prevent them from starting on your property or under your watch. Wildfire suppression services are professionally trained fire experts that can help detect electrical issues, point out site safety practices, train your employees on how to handle any fire outbreak, etc. In your home, they can help determine risks that are around your property, give advice on how to prevent fires from starting, or even respond to emergencies in certain situations.

What are Oregon and the federal government doing to prevent future wildfires in Oregon?

The government of Oregon has been very proactive in how they plan on combating wildfires. Efforts are also in place to prevent another wildfire from causing severe damage to lives, forest ecosystem, and properties. In January 2022, the Biden administration said they were ready to spend about $3 billion on new wildfire management plans that would help reduce the wildfire incidents in Oregon and some other high-risk areas. Oregon has also allocated $220 million to improving wildfire preparedness in the state.

While there is no 100% assurance that wildfire won’t happen again in Oregon despite the recent measures, you could plan and invest in a fire suppression system to keep your business or site safe from any possible fire outbreak. Contact Capstone Fire today to keep your home and business safe and prepared for wildfire prevention and suppression in Oregon.