Wildfire season is in full swing, and that means that Oregon wildfire suppression services are needed now more than ever. Wildfire seasons are starting sooner, and lasting longer than they ever have in the past. They’re also stretching further north than they have in the past as temperatures reach record highs in the Pacific Northwest, sending a clear signal that climate change is further impacting summer temperatures more than ever. Oregon wildfire suppression services are busy, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your part to prevent wildfires from breaking out in your area. As a business owner or site manager on a construction site, wildfire suppression services should be at the top of your list of to-do’s at this time of year.

What can wildfire suppression services do for your Oregon business or site?

As a business owner, seeking the help of wildfire suppression services can help keep your business and your employees safe from the effects of a fire. No matter the type of business or site, wildfire suppression services can help identify possible fire or safety risks within your workplace and make suggestions on how to take care of them.

This can be anything from identifying electrical issues to pointing out proper kitchen or site safety practice to prevent a fire from breaking out. It can also mean landscaping your site’s exterior to assure that no loose brush or overgrown trees can cause a spark on a hot day. Overgrown trees can come into contact with electrical lines, causing fires that can be particularly challenging to put out and that can rage on uncontrollably if they’re not discovered quickly.

Wildfire suppression services can also help train your employees on the best practices to avoid starting a fire in the workplace, as well as how to handle a fire if it does break out. Many of these services also offer private fire response in case a fire does break out, easing tension on public fire departments that are often busy with bigger wildfires during this time of year.

How to pick a wildfire suppression service.

The first step to picking a wildfire suppression service is to determine what your needs are as an individual and a business. If you need additional training, make sure that the wildfire suppression service offers that. The same goes for determining risks in your work site, as well as private fire suppression services. You should also be able to speak with previous and current clients of the suppression service, and negotiate a service fee that works for both you and the wildfire suppression service.