Types of Los Angeles Technical Rescue

When it comes to technical rescue there is no one size fits all description for what it is. There are lots of things and situations that might require technical rescue, and each one can be life threatening in different ways. Consider hiring a Los Angeles technical rescue team to be on call if your job site is particularly high-risk, and understand that hiring a third party technical rescue service can help ease tension on public fire departments and rescue services that may need to tend to wildfires and other emergencies.

Confined Space Rescue

Confined space rescue encompasses a lot of different rescue situations that can range in severity from mild to life-threatening. These situations could be anything from being trapped inside a cave or enclosure to needing to be rescued from a collapsed building. Depending on the conditions of the rescue, there are often situations where a professional can explain to the trapped person how to escape the situation on their own.

In more extreme situations such as a collapsed building where gas and smoke exposure could be a potential risk, it is always recommended to call technical rescue services before attempting to make any sort of rescue on your own. This is because attempting to make a rescue on your own without proper training can often make the situation worse for both the stuck person and yourself, putting more lives at risk.

Technical Confined Rescue

These situations, which include situations like being stuck in a totaled car or trench rescues can involve needing emergency services to conduct a rescue where the trapped person is possibly medically endangered. In a totaled car, for example, moving the trapped person without professional help could injure or maim the person further. Attempting to rescue a trapped person from a trench or mountain situation could endanger both parties, especially if they have limited access to water. Obviously there are not many trenches in Los Angeles, but technical confined rescue can often mean freeing someone in a construction site that gets stuck in a piece of equipment or fallen construction materials.

If you ever deal with anyone that becomes trapped, the best thing to do is to call a technical rescue service like Capstone Fire. These services are trained in helping to free trapped people, and can help in situations around Los Angeles construction and work zones. Consider hiring Capstone fire for Los Angeles technical rescue services to always know your employees are in good hands.