Oregon technical rescue services are a lot more than just confined space rescue. The service, which has a lot more to it than meets the eye, can be life saving in many situations that can arise on a job site. Whether it be technical rescue, confined space rescue, fire response or simply training employees in the proper OSHA best practices, here are several ways that Oregon technical rescue services can save a life on the job:

Technical Rescue

Technical rescue is a sort of umbrella term that refers to any type of rescue that needs professional help. We recommend that any sort of technical rescue be left to trained professionals such as fire services and technical rescue services. This is because, often, conducting a technical rescue without proper training can end up putting more lives in danger. Some scenarios that require technical rescue include rope rescue, confined space rescue, vehicle rescue, machine rescue, water rescue, trench rescue or collapse rescue.

Confined Space Rescue

As one of the more specific and diverse types of technical rescue, confined space rescue can be particularly dangerous if conducted by someone that is not properly trained in how to do it safely. There are three subtypes of confined space rescue that will determine the severity of the situation, ranging from being able to talk the person out of the confined space to needing a professional to enter the confined space in order to free a trapped person.

Fire Response

Private fire response services like Capstone Fire are a key part of making sure that public fire response services are not overloaded, especially during fire season. These services can respond to fire calls from businesses or homeowners associations looking for quick response without putting more pressure on public services.

OSHA Training

Making sure you have a team that is well-trained in OSHA best practices can prevent tragedies before they happen. Services like Capstone Fire are well-equipped to train staff members and contractors on how to best avoid danger and fire risk while on a job site and during working hours.

These situations can arise in a variety of job sites and employees should be trained on how to call the proper authorities when these rescue situations happen. Capstone Fire is trained on how to handle a variety of technical rescue and prevention services throughout California and Oregon.