Site safety compliance services are available in Orange County through Capstone Fire to assure that local businesses and worksites are doing their best to make sure not only that sites are free from risk but to make sure that workers are properly trained. Between industrial fires, workplace accidents and confined space emergencies, site and safety compliance companies like Capstone Fire are available to assure that your site and employees or contractors are safe from risk. Here is some more information on what site and safety compliance services in Orange county can do for your workspace and your employees or contractors.

Confined Space Rescue & Training

While most people associate confined space rescue with things like cave rescues or rescuing people that have been trapped in other obscure small spaces, the reality is that confined space rescue is far more common, especially in construction zones and intense work environments. Capstone Fire can either help free someone from a confined space if they become trapped, and train employees and contractors on how to avoid becoming trapped in the first place.

Industrial Fire Safety

Industrial fires can break out in any place such as a commercial kitchen or a construction zone. Unfortunately the risks are vast, but organizations like Capstone Fire are trained to identify potential risks and minimize how big of a threat they’ll become. This can look like anything from finding alternatives to hot tools like welding, checking that electrical work is properly installed, checking gas lines to make sure there are no leaks or risks of leaks, and checking to make sure that all OSHA regulations are being followed and best practices are being put into place.

OSHA Training

OSHA training isn’t difficult, but it’s important to make sure that trained OSHA professionals are responsible for training your workers to avoid any missteps. Professionals at Capstone Fire can help train your employees to assure that they’re not missing anything, and that they understand how to best avoid accidents in the workplace through proper OSHA training.

Emergency Fire Services

Site and safety compliance services in Orange County often offer other services such as emergency fire response services through private organizations. Emergency fire services are common in Southern California, especially as fire season becomes longer, and enable you to work directly with first responders in case of an emergency to avoid having to busy up public services that may need to respond to something else.