How to Prevent Industrial Fires in Los Angeles

Industrial fires can quickly become tragic and disastrous once they happen. Though there are ways to put out an industrial fire once it begins, the goal should always be to prevent one from happening in the first place. There are a couple of tips on how to prevent industrial fires in Los Angeles, and these tips should be followed and taken seriously all of the time in your workspace.

Avoid Hot Work

Hot work, referring to things like welding or working with hot tools, is largely a cause of industrial fires that can be easily avoided. If you absolutely must do hot work, make sure that only trained professionals are operating the tools and that no one untrained is near the workstation while the tools are in use. If there are alternatives that enable you to get the work done without having to use those tools, always opt for that option to avoid an industrial fire.

Give Proper Training

The best way to assure that your employees are working to prevent an industrial fire is to give them the training that they need in order to do so. Capstone Fire offers training sessions to help your employees avoid industrial fires, and OSHA has great resources that help you create and encourage a safe workspace.

Make Sure OSHA Regulations are Upheld

OSHA regulations are created for a reason. Following the regulations and guidelines will prevent accidents from happening in your workspace and assure that workers are kept safe from accidents and other things like industrial fires that could break out. Make sure that your employees are trained in OSHA regulations, and consistently work with OSHA to learn of any updates to best practices.

Know the Hazards for Flammable Liquids and Gas:

Not every workspace holds flammable liquids and gas, but many do. If you’re working near any gas lines you need to make sure that your workspace is up to code and that all employees are working to prevent gas from escaping. Gas can create dangerous explosions if not stored correctly, so it’s important to make sure that workers are always aware of the threat of gas in case of emergency.

Identify Other Hazards:

Work with organizations like Capstone Fire to identify other hazards such as electrical hazards or other possibilities of equipment malfunctions that could happen and cause an industrial fire to break out. Update your hazard list regularly, and if your workspace is a construction zone be sure to identify future hazards that could come up as the project progresses later on.