San Bernardino is a large city that encompasses a lot of land. With so many businesses operating in the area, having fire services that can respond quickly and effectively in case of an emergency is a top priority for everyone in the area. Let’s take a closer look at the public and private fire services available in San Bernardino, and how they work together to ensure the safety of the people’s lives, private businesses, and the community.

Public Fire Services

The San Bernardino County Fire Department provides public fire services. Public fire services are trained and equipped with the latest technology to respond to emergencies like fires, hazardous materials incidents, and technical rescues.

The department’s responsibilities also include emergency medical services, and as such are often the first responders on the scene of accidents, heart attacks, and other medical emergencies. They work closely with other emergency services such as law enforcement and paramedics to provide a seamless response to any incident.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department also places a strong emphasis on fire prevention. They conduct regular inspections of businesses and buildings to ensure that they are up to code and that any potential fire hazards are addressed. They also offer educational programs to the public on fire safety and prevention.

Private Fire Services

A lot of businesses in San Bernardino also have their own private fire services. These services are typically staffed by trained professionals who work exclusively for the company for a group like a homeowners association. They are responsible for maintaining fire safety equipment, conducting fire drills, and quickly responding to fires.

Private fire services are critical for ensuring the safety of industrial companies and their employees. By having their own trained professionals and equipment on site, these companies are able to respond quickly and effectively to fires and other emergencies.

This is particularly important for industrial companies, which may have unique fire risks that require specialized expertise to manage. These services are often quicker and better trained than public services and help relieve pressure off of public services during busy times, such as during severe wildfires.

Capstone Fire is a private fire service that lends out a hand to any private business who needs a hand with fire services. From personalized OSHA training to third party inspections, Capstone Fire is committed to keeping businesses standing.

The combination of public and private fire services in San Bernardino working together keeps the community safe. By prioritizing fire safety, industrial companies in San Bernardino are able to operate with confidence and ensure the well-being of their employees and properties. Consider calling Capstone Fire to see if your business could benefit from these private services.