Wildfires are an unfortunately too common occurrence in the advent of climate change. These fires can rapidly go out of control, burning huge swathes of land and, in worse cases, entire towns. Air pollution becomes a real issue with the scale of these burnings. As such, efforts should be made by all possible sources to prevent these wildfires.

Utility pole fire suppression

Utility pole fire suppression systems can prevent wildfires. Transformers and power lines failing isn’t uncommon in the grand scheme of things, and these failing can lead to huge arcs and sparking events. These systems act as a preemptive measure of fire retardant that is installed on power line poles. These systems are important for a few reasons, and if you’re a power company, should always be considered.

These systems can easily stop wildfires before they start. Wildfires are often caused by consistent sources of sparks, not a one-time flare-up. These systems prevent utility poles from being lit alight, and as such turning into a much larger issue than a broken powerline. In 2021, there were a whopping 58,733 fires, burning a total acreage of 7,139,713 acres of land. These are often caused by technical problems with power lines, such as a blown transformer or a tree touching a line. The former often sets the utility pole aflame, and as such, utility pole fire suppression systems are perfect for preventing these wildfires.

Electrical fires

Most of the wildfires associated with power lines aren’t caused by sudden arcs or sparking; they’re often caused by the pole itself being lit on fire, slowly burning down, and collapsing the line, leading to a huge wildfire. Utility pole fire suppression systems are intended to combat this problem in particular. While transformers are subject to blow at any time, utility poles don’t simply light on fire at the drop of a hat, and are the easiest vector to combat sudden wildfires. These systems can be installed far ahead of time, both quickly and easily.

Utility pole fire suppression systems can be installed anywhere, but there are more common places to install them than others. National forests and parks are often a huge consideration, as these areas are important to keep intact for tourism and preservation. They can be installed in urban and rural areas, as they do not take up much more space than the utility pole itself.

Wildfire prevention

With long-running lines far from civilization, these systems can help reduce the risk incurred by a long response time, preventing huge wildfires from starting due to the inability to fight it early on. Whether your lines are in the middle of huge cities, or far from anyone living, consider installing these systems to prevent damage to your lines.

Utility pole fire suppression systems are installed all over the world today. They help prevent wildfires from ever starting, cost little compared to the cost of replacing lines and systems, and are proven to work to prevent wildfires. Whether in a huge city or far from any living human, these systems are necessary to prevent undue damage to property, nature, and life. Consider installing these systems everywhere where risk is possible to prevent damage to your company and the world around it.