Many accidents can occur in a workplace that can be prevented. However, there are worst-case scenarios that even the most safeguards cannot prevent. Employees may need rescuing in the more dire situations that could occur. Letting your employees attempt to rescue one another could prove to be a mistake. Consider hiring Capstone Fire to rescue your employees. Here’s four types of technical rescue Capstone Fire can help with.

Confined spaces are one of the more dangerous types of technical rescue.

These are categorized by being in small places that are difficult if not impossible to leave. In addition, these have additional risks, such as running out of oxygen. Capstone Fire has the proper gear and knowledge to save your employees without incurring the additional risks that could happen by allowing fellow employees to attempt to rescue others.

Rope rescue is another kind of rescue that specialists may encounter.

This is when an employee’s safety gear fails, and they cannot properly return to safe ground, or an employee is stuck somewhere they cannot get down safely. This type of rescue is physically intensive and strenuous, as technical rescuers have to both rappel/climb and work to save the employee. Capstone Fire has proper safety devices and strong ropes, as well as more than adequate training, which allows them to safely get your employee to the ground or out of a hole.

Machines and vehicles can occasionally fail, and these failures can pin or trap employees working with or near them.

These failures can prove exceptionally dangerous, and rescuing them even more so. Steel is much stronger than bone; extricating someone from the metal jaws can severely injure them if not done properly. Make sure the machine no longer functions by turning it off and cutting the power, and then call technical rescuers to make sure your employee can be removed safely.

The most dangerous type of technical rescue is the type necessary after a building collapse.

Employees can become trapped under rubble that may not be stable, and unearthing them recklessly may lead to further injury. Ensuring that the building remains stable and stabilizing what isn’t should be a top priority for any business. Capstone Fire’s rescuers are trained to properly remove rubble to rescue employees with little danger.

Whether an employee is stuck in a confined space, dangerously high from the ground or in a hole, trapped in a machine or vehicle, or even underneath the rubble, technical rescue should be left to professionals. While a business may follow all workplace safety guidelines correctly, sometimes accidents happen. Capstone Fire can cure any worries about rescuing employees in danger, and be there for you in your time of need.