What Is Industrial Fire Protection & How Do You Prepare For A Fire?

With the wildfire season arriving earlier every year, it’s becoming more important than ever to take industrial fire protection and wildfire prevention seriously year-round. The odds of a fire breaking out due to your own business might seem low, but without taking the proper precautions those odds increase significantly. Read on for some basic tips on industrial fire protection and how to prepare for a fire before it happens, that way you can minimize its risk if it does happen.

Implement changes around your business to prevent fires.

Many fires happen due to human error, but an alarming amount of fires happen in homes and businesses around California due to faulty technology or equipment. Make sure the equipment in your restaurant or business is up to date, and make sure that any cables or cords are free of exposed wires or things that can cause an electrical fire. It’s also a good idea to have your building’s electricity checked regularly to make sure that things are up to the standards that they need to be, and conduct regular checks on any appliances you may have around your home or business.

We also recommend regularly emptying vents or ventilation systems in your home or business, especially if your business operates an electric dryer or uses a stove. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that dryers and washing machines cause an alarming 15,970 fires each year, with as much as 92% of that number representing fires caused by dryers alone. Emptying dryer vents regularly can mean the difference between sparking a wildfire and not sparking a wildfire, so make sure you’re caught up with that task.

Train your staff properly

Proper staff training can save your business if a fire were to spark at work. Workplace fire safety training should be looked at like a mandatory investment, particularly if you operate a restaurant or food truck. Workplace fire safety training can include things like how to evacuate a building properly in case of a fire, how to avoid a fire in the workplace, or how to respond to a fire if it starts. It’s important to discuss things like risk awareness and good housekeeping with your employees so they know what types of warning signs to look out for.