How Technical Rescue Training Is Useful In Case Of Power Outages Or Blackouts

If there is one thing that we learned from the recent crisis in Texas, it’s that it’s important to always have access to proper training on things like technical rescue in the case of a widespread emergency or crisis. Technical rescue training is something that many don’t consider, but is invaluable in a crisis and can save a life in many situations. There are many reasons why someone might want to get technical rescue training, but for anyone working in hazardous work sites or around people that work in hazardous work sites, the education on technical rescue training could be life-saving in an emergency situation.

What is technical rescue training?

Technical rescue training refers to any type of training on helping someone out of being trapped or contained. This can be anything from being trapped in a tunnel to simply being stuck in an elevator during a major power outage. Those that are contained may be scared, and in most cases when someone tries to help that person get out of the situation they end up putting themselves in danger as well. It’s important that the only people helping someone out of being trapped are trained in technical rescues, that way they don’t end up making the situation even more dangerous for both themselves and others.

Who should be trained in technical rescue?

In most cases, fire departments are trained in technical rescue and will be available to assist in helping someone free themselves from being trapped. Many people that work around hazardous sites are also trained in technical rescue, though some are only trained to a certain degree. Most, if not all, businesses or work sites that have these types of hazards will have a technical rescue plan, but that does mean that everyday people are vulnerable to needing technical rescue in the event of an emergency.

Are all types of technical rescue the same?

No, there are different degrees of technical rescue that will be determined by the level of risk that the rescuer must undergo in order to perform the technical rescue in the first place. There are six types of technical rescue ranging from confined space and vehicle rescue to things like rope rescue and structural collapse rescue. Each type of rescue is wildly different, and requires different levels of training for professionals to undergo. On top of that, there are different levels to those types of rescue that are based on whether the rescuer needs to put themselves in danger to be able to rescue the trapped person.