OSHA site compliance on your San Diego work site is an inarguable priority that you should have, no matter if you’re a worker or a site manager. Making sure that your site is compliant with OSHA regulation will not only save you time and stress if you’re otherwise found to be committing an OSHA violation, but it will make your workplace safer for everyone. Here are the major things that you need to have taken care of in order to have a San Diego work site that is OSHA compliant:

What is OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was an organization that was set up to make sure that employees are kept safe and healthy in their workplace. The administration is responsible for things like making sure construction sites are free of as many safety risks as possible—like making you wear a hard hat in construction sites—and that there are no open health risks involved as well. Any business that has employees has to comply with OSHA regulations, whether you be a restaurant or a construction site.

Who does OSHA protect?

OSHA protects everyone. Businesses and work sites that are in compliance with OSHA regulations are protected, and it protects workers that could be exposed to potentially dangerous work environments while on the job. The administration works to protect workers by encouraging and forcing employers to make health and safety a priority. When businesses and work sites are in compliance with OSHA regulations, it streamlines the work process to make it safer and healthier for everyone involved.

How do I make sure my work site is OSHA compliant?

Depending on what kind of work site you have, you’ll be beholden to different OSHA regulations. You can find checklists for your specific work site on the OSHA website here which will help you make sure that your work site is compliant with current OSHA regulations.The checklist includes a range of topics from proper equipment, to proper training for anyone that will be working around your work site on a regular basis.

It’s also a good idea to invest in proper training for your employees, and Capstone fire can assist in training your employees to be OSHA compliant for a number of businesses. This investment could mean the difference between a safe and an unsafe work site, so think about it as an investment rather than an expense.