What are Dam Technical Rescues?

One of the most challenging and dangerous tasks that rescuers can take on is dam inspections and dam technical rescues. These tasks are often complicated and require highly skilled individuals to complete them safely. Dam rescues are unique in that they require specific skills that ordinary technical rescues might not need. This makes it very important for the right rescue teams to be deployed in case of an emergency, and for dams to be inspected properly by the right people.

What are dam inspections?

Dam inspections and dam safety training is done by experienced individuals that know how to identify all potential hazards at a dam. These individuals are trained specifically in dam technical rescues and can aid in the complicated rescues as well as inspect existing and new infrastructure for red flags. Some of these red flags might include any unique passages or construction that could pose a risk, outdated equipment, areas that are hard to access in and out of, or areas where someone could fall if not working with caution.

Dam inspectors can also assist in proper training for all personnel that will be working around these types of properties in order to mitigate risks involved with working around the area. Capstone fire recommends that employees working around dams are properly trained by professionals with expertise in dam technical rescues.

What are dam technical rescues?

In a worst case scenario, a rescue team may need to be deployed in order to conduct a dam technical rescue if someone were to get stuck in a high risk area. In these situations, it is especially important to have a team on call that specializes in dam technical rescues rather than a department that has little training in this specific type of rescue scenario.

Because the rescue situations in dams are often complicated, they can be particularly dangerous. Mitigation of these risks is the best approach to dam technical rescues, since you want to avoid them at all costs. We recommend contacting professionals like Capstone Fire to come up with solutions that will both mitigate the risks of needing a technical rescue, as well as what to do in case an emergency were to arise.

Capstone is able to assist in dam inspections, as well as dam technical rescues. Contact us today for more information.