Why You Need Fire Suppression Services In Napa

There are a number of reasons why Napa businesses—especially restaurants or businesses that could lose a lot in the event of a wildfire—should hire fire suppression services. These services are often third-party, private services that are hired to help your business find and eliminate possible fire risks, assist with any employee training, or even respond to an emergency in the event of a fire. Here is a short but important list of reasons that we recommend hiring fire suppression services in Napa and the surrounding areas.

Fire season is longer than it ever has been.

Due to climate change, fire season in California lasts longer than it should. What used to be a period of a few high risk months out of the year is now nearly year-round. With a longer risk of fires in California, public services are busier than ever tending to wildfires. In recent years, high risk seasons for wildfires has started in the late spring or early summer and extended through the fall season and into the winter.

Free up public services

With public services like local fire departments busier than they ever have been, many local departments are recommending that restaurants and local businesses hire fire suppression services in Napa in order to cut back on the amount of calls that go to public services. This will free up their time and allow them to tend to other emergencies, and assure that you have access to fast response in the event of a small emergency.

Additional employee training

Private fire suppression services can also help your business find and determine possible OSHA violations and other fire risks. They’re able to help you work with your employees to give any additional training that might be necessary to make your business safer, helping keep everyone up to date and on the same page on safety protocol.