Should You Outsource Oregon Fire Protection Services?

Oregon was never really at a major risk for wildfires until recently, when dozens of fires erupted along the West Coast throughout the summer of 2020. With so much risk on the horizon, many business owners and local firefighters are looking toward outsourcing Oregon fire protection services to make sure that they have the help that they need if and when the time comes. Here are several reasons why you might want to outsource Oregon fire protection services:

Shorter response times:

Private fire protection services can shorten response times to fire calls. If a local fire department is busy with other things, it leaves room for error if new calls and emergencies arise during that time. Outsourced or private fire protection services can provide vital backup services during this time, assuring that fire departments are well equipped to handle an influx of new fire calls or emergencies during a particularly bad fire season.

Services catered to you and your business:

Each business is different, and some need more specialized needs than others. If your business might require fire protection services, we recommend outsourcing them so that you’re not occupying the time of local firefighter services that could otherwise be busy responding to an emergency. These services can help you with anything from surveying your business to see what may need to be added or changed in order to best protect from a fire, implementing fire retention products and services, or even responding to a fire just in case something happens. We recommend that businesses like restaurants take advantage of these services because they’re more likely to need them, but believe that any business can benefit from consulting with an outsourced fire protection service.


Like we said before, these services can help determine what risks around your business might be and work with you to implement any needed changes to be able to avoid a fire wherever possible. These services can also consult with your business and your employees to implement any necessary training that might cut the risk of a fire wherever possible. Outsourced fire protection services can help your employees learn any new skills or OSHA regulations that might help them in the workforce, making you feel more comfortable about the day to day operations at your work site.

Outsourced fire protection services offer a wide variety of services that range from private emergency response to simply helping you and your employees feel more safe and comfortable in your work environment. They can survey your work site and look for any possible areas of improvement, or assist in training to make sure that all of your employees are best prepared in case of an emergency—whether that be a fire, a hazardous material spill, or a workplace injury.