What You Need to Know About Mitigation and Suppression Services During an Active Wildfire Event

Mitigation and suppression services during an active wildfire event do a lot more than just fight wildfires, though that might be a huge part of the job. When dealing with wildfires, mitigation and suppression services must not only act to fight the fire at hand before it grows out of control, but also help the general public remain safe and calm, as well as deal with how information is handled at that time. Here is what you need to know about what mitigation and suppression services do, exactly, during an active wildfire event—you might be surprised about what you learn.

Risk mitigation

Before a wildfire even starts, wildfire specialists like Capstone Fire & Safety Management are hard at work mitigating any risks that might cause wildfires to break out at high-risk locations. This involves things like cutting down trees that grow too closely to power lines in remote areas, utility pole fire suppression, and working with construction and maintenance sites that might create risk in their day to day activities.

Threat notification

Wildfire suppression services work with local authorities to notify of any threats in new areas even after wildfires break out. These services are constantly working to maintain public safety by monitoring fire perimeters to assure that citizens remain safe and alerted if any threats to their safety change during the course of the wildfire.

Coordinating with incident services

Specialists, like those at Capstone, work to coordinate with incident management to make sure that citizens and community members are able to streamline work with their insurance companies. At capstone, we coordinate with local emergency services to assure that the services are up-to-date with any relevant information that the public may need in their claims.

Helicopter operations

In some cases it may warrant to operate a helicopter as a means of combating wildfires. Ground approach can often be dangerous, and in areas thick with trees and brush it may be hard or impossible to approach a wildfire with a vehicle. In these situations we would implement helicopter operations to combat the spread of a wildfire as it burns.

These are just a few of the many ways that Capstone implements fire safety and wildfire mitigation strategies throughout the country. We work with a variety of services from insurance companies to local emergency services to help combat wildfires once they break out, in addition to implementing fire preparedness strategies to help prevent them from breaking out in the first place.