Fire Protection Jobs

Recently, due to demand, Capstone Fire & Safety Management (CFSM) has offered colleges and fire academies a unique opportunity to extend jobs to their candidates the day they graduate. Schools and training centers alike have realized equipping their students for work is crucial to everyone’s success so they have partnered with us to build their graduate’s careers.

CFSM builds careers in 3 areas:

  1. Fire Academy graduates
  2. Transitioning from the Military
  3. Retiring from fire service

Fire Academy graduates

We recognize most students who attend fire academies imagine themselves on the front lines of fire service. In reality, less than 10% of most graduating classes have jobs upon graduation. Although they are equipped with lots of training, they lack experience. Some graduates give up on their dream in fire service after not securing a position with state or local fire agencies within the first year. CFSM bridges the gap by providing graduates access to fire industry jobs and experience while they apply for local and state agencies.

CFSM collaborates with fire agencies, while our employees are applying to them, by responding to requests and offering recommendations where employees apply. There is nothing better than a stellar employee gaining a highly coveted spot in a fire department, in part, because of the investment provided by Capstone.

Transitioning from the Military

While we all appreciate and honor the sacrifice military service members give to our country, many organizations are at a loss how to convert military experience to something their organizations can use. CFSM is experienced dealing with military service members who had fire and safety experience while serving. We welcome military service members to engage our process and work with us to make a transition.

Retiring from fire service

CFSM leadership is composed of personnel experienced in fire service and many who retired from various state and local fire departments after decades of service. As a result, we have become a beacon for retiring fire persons who feel like they have 5, 10, 15 years left to contribute to this noble profession. We find their experience, expertise, and know-how strengthen and refine our multi-cultural and multi-generational operation.

We are excited about our growth and look forward to offering many more opportunities to engage and be a part of a dynamic company.

See our job offerings. If a specific title is not listed, complete a general application.