Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Safety Services

Industrial fire and safety service providers give relief too many industries. According to Joel Reuter, Vice President of Communications for Rolls-Royce Allison states, “No matter how big a company gets, it needs help covering all the safety issues to make sure employees are working in optimal conditions.”

Reuters points out it is extremely beneficial for companies, such as his, to outsource many safety services, such as industrial fire and confined space rescue work. It can eliminate some of the liability a company has when this type of safety work is contracted to more qualified services.

Fire and safety service providers:

  • Ensure proper equipment and personnel are used for various working conditions.
  • Ensure companies adhere to specific OSHA regulations.
  • Mitigate the costs incurred by a company when it comes to equipment, personnel, and productivity.
  • Provides safe work environment for company employees.
  • May reduce liability.

These are only some of the benefits of working with an industrial fire and safety service provider. Many companies do not have the specially trained personnel to monitor confined space work, the trained rescue personnel for these areas, properly trained firefighting personnel, or emergency medical resources. In addition to these issues, the cost of purchasing and maintaining the equipment necessary to ensure specific type of work can be supplied by an industrial fire and safety provider. Reuter states, “Even though we have some trained personnel for certain types of working conditions, this safety work is not their main job duties. When those personnel are taken away from their regular duties to perform the safety work, productivity goes down.”

As every company owner understands, productivity is imperative to maintaining profit and losses. The costs of equipment, maintaining equipment, and training employees for specific safety conditions can explode the budget of any corporation.

Many company owners we spoke to for this blog post stated it cost less to outsource this work, than to try and maintain everything the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires making sure safe working conditions be maintained for their employees. Many of those same owners or managers put it more bluntly: they just didn’t know what was required when confined spaces are being entered or combustible areas were being worked.

Industrial fire and safety service providers come to the site, survey the conditions and work needed, then consult on what is required. After this, if a company does not have the proper personnel or equipment, the safety provider can deliver everything needed during the work being performed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 60% of the fatalities occurring during confined space rescues happen to the rescuers and not to the employees working in the confined space. This is because unauthorized rescue personnel are attempting to recover the trapped or harmed workers. This is why it is so important a company review what is required long before specific work is being performed. Industrial fire and safety services offer a host of different options and can relieve some of the hazards employees work under.

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