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Best-in-Class Rescue and Fire Management Solutions

Industrial Fire Services and Confined Space Rescue Solutions, History, Management Team, Qualifications and Career Opportunity

Capstone Fire & Safety Management Provides Best-in-Class Confined Space Rescue, Industrial Fire Services and Wildland Fire Solutions Worldwide.

We focus on providing on-site firefighting, life safety and technical rescue services for public and private entities seeking to adhere to OSHA regulations, mitigate costs and potential liability exposures to fire and safety incidents. We specialize in providing a limited number of services to our clients by design – to be the industry’s best fire and rescue service provider at competitive prices.

The company delivers professional safety services to companies which have a unique need for highly specialized and dedicated Fire and/or Rescue resources. Our services are used by large utility companies, petroleum and chemical industries, large infrastructure and remediation companies, construction companies, Government entities and many others.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management has extensive experience in fire suppression services and more recently, as demand has grown, has added industrial fire & rescue to it’s offering. Early on, the company provided suppression services to the U.S. Forest Service and various other State and Federal agencies dating back to 1989. Today, the company has one of the largest offerings of all-risk emergency and standby personnel in private industry.

Our fully trained and certified professionals adhere to all industrial, safety and fire regulatory bodies and can meet our clients fire suppression, standby, technical rescue and life safety needs in both the international and domestic theater.

In addition to trained and experienced technical rescue and equipped fire teams, Capstone Fire & Safety Management employs a cadre of command personnel that has extensive experience in city, county and district fire/rescue operations and administration. Fire management staff has held both general and command staff positions on Federal and State Type 1 Incident Management Teams. Our field personnel come to Capstone Fire & Safety Management with both training and experience in all fire, rescue and emergency medical fields. Each fire or rescue apparatus is customized to meet the specialized needs of its service territory and customer.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management works in full cooperation with local fire authority having jurisdiction and strictly adheres to the Incident Command System. All staff and procedures adhere to State and National training standards and safety best practices. We strive to be a considerate partner and cooperator with both fire departments and law enforcement.

Why Work With Us?

Our customers say it best.

“We have used two different contractors to perform this function for us, but have been extremely pleased with one in particular, Capstone Fire Management Inc. They have been extremely professional, very responsive to our needs, and economically reasonable.”

– Sr. Program Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric

Confined Space Rescue and Industrial Fire Services dispatch

Capstone Fire & Safety Management Dispatch

Dispatching Fire and Rescue Units

Capstone Fire & Safety Management utilizes state-of-the-art fleet tracking software and communication devices to alert, monitor, and dispatch units to all 50 states. All of our units carry high-tech radios, satellite phones, and MDC (Mobile Data Computers) to keep in constant communication with our Command Staff, Clients, Incident Command and one another for safety and coordination purposes.


The Capstone Way

Read our “The Capstone Way” booklet. It describes the cultural philosophy of our family and our team. It is intended to communicate to existing and new members the expectations of the way members are treated in the system, expectations for individual behavior and performance, guidelines for leadership, and the general approach that we will all use when interacting with each other.

Our Qualifications

The Capstone Fire & Safety Management Training Committee is to design, manage, evaluate and implement professional development programs that enhance life safety for our Rescue Technicians, Fire Fighters, our customers and the community.

Each Division at Capstone Fire & Safety Management has different qualifications and training that are tightly managed by respective Division Chiefs and the Training Committee.


Career Development

Our company offers an exciting and challenging array of opportunities for those interested in bringing the highest level of professionalism, technical expertise and team oriented service to Capstone Fire & Safety Management. We operate under a paramilitary style chain-of-command structure and have high expectations of all of our Fire/Rescue staff members. Capstone Fire & Safety Management is a unique company offering a progressive and supportive atmosphere to our employees.




Capstone Fire & Safety Management was formerly known as “Fire Stop” located in Placerville, CA . The company focused heavily on defensible space vegetation management and wildland firefighting under contract to the U.S. Forest Service.

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The company changes ownership and institutes new management. Significant investments in equipment, staffing, policies, procedures and infrastructure occur.



The company incorporates and officially becomes Capstone Fire & Safety Management.


Capstone Fire & Safety Management expands its offerings to include contract Industrial Fire services and Technical Rescue focused on OSHA compliance and confined spaces.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management Consultants


The company forges new relationships with major customers, deploys crew members internationally and renews long term contracts with legacy accounts. Extensive development of the corporate infrastructure is implemented. Multiple industry leading companies become customers of Capstone Fire & Safety Management. They are part of the petro-chemical industry, fossil generation facilities, nuclear power facilities, on shore & off shore groups, major water districts, large construction operations, various electric utility groups and many others.



Recently, the company expanded into the gulf states area of the U.S. with a major base of operations in the Houston Texas area. Fielding an array of fully equipped industrial fire service and rescue teams, the company is uniquely positioned to serve the growing demand for fire and life safety services throughout the region for industrial setting and government clients.


Each of our Service Branches are overseen by Executive leadership and operationally managed in accordance to a strict Chain of Command by rank and duties. Operational Management is assisted by and organized into specific committees to address a variety of areas. Members of our teams comprise a Safety Committee, Training Committee and Policy Review Committee who meet regularly and report to Sr. Executive Management.

Our Executive Management


JERRY DUSA – President & CEO

Jerry has been in various professional management positions for nearly 40 years. He has held a variety of positions both domestically and internationally with most of his work focused on communications products and solutions.

He has been a President, Board Member, Trustee, Consultant and has been involved in several complex organizational remodeling and restructurings of multi-national companies. He is responsible for overall strategy, performance, and customer satisfaction at Capstone.


MATT DUSA– Chief Operating Officer

Matt is responsible for Capstone Fire & Safety Management’s operational procedures, overall policies, training, quality control, and regulatory compliance. He particularly focuses on all matters related to safety and personnel management. He is responsible for daily performance of multiple operations Divisions with numerous locations and additionally oversees all administrative departments.

Matt has a Masters Degree and is a published author. He is a Fire Academy graduate and has served both as a Firefighter and Paramedic.


CHRIS DUSA– Chief Business Development Officer

Chris has overall responsibility for the development of new client programs for the company. He collaborates with various customers to ensure that newly implemented programs and contracts meet the specific needs of each entity. Additionally, Chris is responsible for oversight of various sales, marketing and logistics efforts company wide.

Chris’s holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado in the area of Psychology as well as program work in Finance from the University of California San Diego system. He is a graduate of a Fire Academy serving as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Marine Rescue and C.E.R.T Instructor.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Technical Rescue and Firefighting Teams
  • Culture of Integrity and Professionalism
  • Highly Trained and Vetted Staff
  • Industry Best Equipment
  • All-Risk Fire Suppression Personnel
  • Seasoned Executive Management Team
  • Responsive and flexible to our clients needs
  • Quality Assurance, Safety and Record Keeping

We provide Specialized Fire and Life Safety solutions with highly qualified management personnel and trained professional firefighters utilizing specialized equipment to industries worldwide.

Worldwide Industries We serve

  • Electric Utility Industry to include:

– Generation

– Transmission

– Distribution

  • Refineries, Terminals and Drilling Operations
  • Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Manufacturing, R&D and Corporate Facilities
  • Construction and Infrastructure Industry
  • Off-Shore Installations
  • Railroad, Transportation and Maritime Industries
  • Entertainment and Insurance Industries
  • Local, State and Federal Government

Consult with our service professional about your specific needs.