How the Global Medical Response to COVID-19 Determines Best Practices

The global medical response to COVID-19 has varied across the board from country to country, but several things have been consistent in how we respond to this global crisis, suggesting that there are strategies to overcome the virus that we can implement as a society. From wearing a mask in public spaces, especially with the increased uncertainty with the Delta variant, to getting the vaccine when it becomes available in your country, there are ways to respond to the health crisis to protect both yourself and others.

Wear a mask.

The United States Centers for Disease Control has suggested time and time again that wearing a mask in public spaces can significantly reduce your risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. Mask mandates in the United States have gone back and forth after the vaccine saw wide distribution earlier this spring, but the CDC is expected to reinstate suggestions to wear a mask in public spaces amid rising cases of the Delta variant of the virus in the United States. These suggestions ring true, in particular, for states with lower vaccine rates like those in the Southeastern United States.

Get vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is the safest way to assure that you won’t contract a serious case of COVID-19 if you do catch the virus. Though the rate of “breakthrough” cases are rising among those that have been vaccinated, many are not experiencing severe symptoms of the virus or are asymptomatic entirely. More serious cases of the COVID-19 variant are among those that have not been vaccinated, and the situation has become so serious that the CDC says this is now a pandemic among the unvaccinated.

Avoid large crowds.

If you’re unvaccinated, suggestions say to avoid large crowds or gatherings where the virus could easily spread. Large or indoor gatherings can accelerate the spread of the virus, causing large breakouts of the virus in what many call “superspreader” events. Unvaccinated people should avoid such gatherings, and get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

Global medical response to the virus suggests that the above guidelines ring true to how to combat the spread of the virus. Global medical response companies like Capstone Fire have helped in medical response by offering emergency services during the global COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s up to individual people to combat the virus in order to overcome it entirely.