Capstone specializes in providing comprehensive armed and unarmed security solutions for client assets, operations, and personnel. We ensure clients achieve full resiliency and reliability of their business operations by mitigating physical threats and security risks using highly qualified personnel, proven operating procedures, and state-of-the-art equipment.


Capstone’s staff and executive leadership come from the highest professional levels within their respective areas of expertise with decades of operational experience in the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


Bundled Protective Services: Firefighting/Rescue/Safety/Security teams are personalized protective services made to mitigate adverse and unwanted results in both planned and unplanned events. Our fully equipped, professionally trained teams offer standalone or bundled comprehensive contracted service solutions to clients specifically tailored to their needs.

Site, Perimeter, and Entry Protection: Capstone embeds skilled teams to monitor and control entry through specific access points and areas of client

Capstone services will:

  • Deter potential intruders (e.g. guard presence, warning signs, lighting, and perimeter markings)
  • Manage and implement access badging and approved visitor entrance protocols
  • Detect intrusions and monitor/record intruders (e.g. intruder alarms and CCTV systems)
  • Trigger appropriate incident responses (e.g. by security guards, rapid response teams, and/or local law enforcement)

Command and Alarm Center Management: Our outsourced services use the newest security technology and are experienced in directing people, resources, and information, to control events and avert crisis/emergency situations. Trained command and alarm center management personnel work seamlessly with operations and rapid response personnel to minimize and/or avoid impacts should an incident occur.

Executive Protection: Capstone offers executive/close protection services, ensuring the safety of VIPs or other individuals exposed to elevated personal risk due to employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, or geographical location. We offer this low-profile and highly effective set of integrated service solutions internationally.

Mobile Protection: Roving patrols, shadow crews, convoy escort services, secure transportation, and mobile personal security details are offered worldwide in static and austere environments.

Special Rapid Response Teams: Our rapid response teams are configured as ground and/or aerial teams to suit client specific needs, threat levels, and site configurations. Teams are equipped with specialized equipment and are prepared to quickly resolve potential conflicts using a variety of options for interdiction, interruption, and/or threat neutralization, and containment.



Capstone prepares organizations before disaster (natural or man-made) strikes by providing management consultation, assessment teams, and security personnel. We offer rapid fire/rescue/safety/security response services in the case of an event. The planned holistic approach increases a client’s ability to mitigate, respond to, and survive major disruptive events with minimal interruption of services.

Our evaluation teams are composed of experienced executives, planners, and operators who understand the challenges and threats faced by our individual clients.


The operations team monitors incoming or ongoing natural disasters through the use of predictive technology with sophisticated software (through partnership) and rapid deployment is Capstone’s specialty.

If a disaster does occur, all teams are prepared to assist with the decision making process during the crisis and during the recovery phase.

Services include:

  • Crisis/contingency planning
  • Recovery operations planning and execution
  • Administrative and logistics coordination
  • Emergency action planning
  • Full stop business continuity assurance


Identifying strengths and weaknesses within an organization is essential to effective threat analysis and planning. We design tailored solutions helping mitigate exposure and ensure business continuity.

  • Risk-assessment and gap analyses
  • Pre-operational planning services
  • Emergency action planning
  • Embedded staff and teams
  • Red-teams designed to test critical infrastructure readiness


Capstone provides client requested “special services” in locations all over the world. Through our network of global relationships and past multinational experience, we can mobilize and provide a variety of foreign in country services allowing our clients to do business in full compliance with local law and effectively position themselves for success.

  • Foreign business due diligence
  • Foreign market research and compliance checklist
  • Secure billeting, transportation, and life support
  • Rotary and fixed wing services via strategic partnerships
  • Vetted local national personnel staffing
  • Local procurement
  • Foreign government relations
  • Special deployment solutions


Our security training solutions meet client’s specific needs. The courses use proven techniques with innovative approaches designed to meet and exceed client expectations. The training moves beyond the theoretical and prepares clients for real world situations. Training services are provided in a location best suited to the learning. That may be at client offices, a client designated location, or at our partner training facilities.

Capstone offers training services to a wide variety of clients ranging from the private sector, NGOs, local law enforcement agencies, and governmental departments.

  • Self-defense/protective measures
  • High-threat executive awareness/protection training
  • Basic and advanced driving
  • Firearms and familiarization
  • International law familiarization
  • Foreign jurisdiction awareness training
  • Human rights and rule of law training
  • Crisis management
  • Pre-deployment training

Law enforcement and governmental clients:

  • Firearms and marksmanship
  • Special weapons and tactics instruction for law enforcement
  • Policing and peacekeeping skills (international and post-conflict)
  • Crowd control and event planning
  • Barrier penetration and breaching
  • Simulation training
  • Personnel searches
  • Identification and reaction to IEDS
  • Human rights and rule of law training
  • Maritime and platform security

Capstone prides itself on being nimble and responsive to clients’ needs. Let us know your training needs and our professionals will work with you to specially design a course suited to your particular requirements.


  • US Department of State Directorate of Defense Controls (DDTC)
  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE)
  • US Government System for Award Management (SAM)
  • State or region specific license procured in advance of contract work
  • ISO 18788


  • 561210 - Facilities Support Services
  • 561612 - Security Guards and Patrol Services
  • 611699 - All other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction
  • 922190 - Other Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities

International Armed and
Unarmed Security Solutions

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