Wildfire Management vs. Wildfire Suppression In Mendocino County

Now that wildfire season is essentially year-round in California, it’s a good idea that local businesses hire wildfire suppression services. These services can help suppress a wildfire in places where a wildfire might come into close contact with a residential area, but in some cases firefighters might focus more on wildfire management rather than wildfire suppression. In the wilderness, for example, wildfire management could have a greater impact than suppression as it allows firefighters to focus on high priority areas. Here is the main difference between wildfire management and wildfire suppression:

Management vs suppression

Suppression of a wildfire involves putting efforts into putting all fires out as soon as they spark. This method is often dangerous and can involve strenuous efforts that don’t often work completely. Suppression efforts are best used in areas that might get too close or infiltrate upon residential areas. Research, however, indicates that suppression might not be the best answer to all wildfire situations—especially considering the fact that wildfires are often naturally caused and will naturally put themselves out.

Wildfire management, though, focuses on managing a wildfire rather than suppressing it. This method helps prevent wildfires from getting out of control but also allows for areas that were at risk of fires in the first place to deal with them naturally. Studies about wildfire management vs wildfire suppression have shown that areas that are given wildfire management as a treatment and response have recovered from them faster, as the local area is naturally equipped to handle such an event.

But not every situation warrants wildfire management

Some places, like we said before, can’t rely on nature to naturally put out a wildfire and recover from a wildfire. Areas around residential spots often need wildfire suppression services in order to maintain safety. Local businesses in Mendocino county can help assist in this by looking into and hiring wildfire suppression services to help them prepare for a fire situation should it occur. This includes services that will respond to emergency calls, or even help you make sure that your business is as prepared as possible for a fire starting.

Capstone fire offers wildfire suppression services and acts as a private fire response service to local businesses in Mendocino County. We can work with you to determine the best course of action to both prepare you for a fire, and come up with an emergency response plan in case the day ever comes.