What Homeowners Need To Know About Northern California Fire and Safety Management

These days it’s almost always fire season in California. While wildfires are a major contribution to the fire problems that California has, it’s not uncommon for wildfires to spark in housing communities. This poses a particularly dangerous problem, and we encourage homeowners to understand the risks around their properties to be able to better manage their homes and prevent fires from sparking in the first place. Here are our top tips for Northern California fire and safety management in your home:

Avoid debris in the fall

Fall is a beautiful time in Northern California once the leaves start to fall and the temperatures start to cool down. It can also be a particularly dry time, and the dry weather combined with the freshly fallen foliage can create a particularly flammable risk in housing communities. We recommend raking your leaves early on and staying on top of debris throughout the season to avoid leaving it on the ground where it will inevitably become even more dry and flammable. It’s especially important to rake any debris around your home, where electricity or hot air coming from a vent could spark or fuel a potential fire.

Check your vents and outdoor outlets

On the subjects of vents and electricity, many house fires begin because a vent is blocked or the electricity isn’t working properly. Be consistent in checking these things out—particularly your outdoor electrical sockets—and fix any problems as soon as they arise. One of the biggest culprits is from your dryer, where lint builds up over time even when you’ve stayed on top of emptying the lint trap. Make sure to check your lint vent once per year to make sure that it’s not clogged, because this is a particularly common reason why house fires start.

Keep an eye on your neighborhood

While you might be vigilant about making sure that your yard is free from any fire risks, there might be fire risks around your neighborhood that no one is paying attention to. If you see debris piling up in a spot that no one is technically responsible for, or if you notice that your neighbor could use some help raking their leaves, don’t be afraid to politely speak up and offer to help take care of it. This could save not only their home, but your home as well, and cut back on the risk of a wildfire breaking out in your neighborhood.