Official Statement Regarding AB-2380 Privately Contracted Private Fire Prevention Resources

Capstone Fire & Safety Management provides specialized critical infrastructure protection offering outsourced fire prevention crews, OSHA compliant confined space standby, and site safety services. Material benefits we provide our clients include adherence to regulatory compliance, reducing overall risk and liability, and front-line protection of valuable assets.

Since 1989 we have served the United States Forest Service as a tested and approved water handling equipment vendor including rigorous screening of all employees, equipment, and communication protocols. More recently we have begun to provide fire prevention focused services to the private industry that have wildfire risk exposures.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management is not a public safety organization, we do not respond to emergency 911 calls, and do not ‘smoke chase’ or respond to fires outside of a narrowly defined scope of work. We fill a small but important niche to offer ignition prevention and standby safety services.

Capstone expressly adheres to the Private Utilization Guidelines issued by the IAFC from 2008 and agrees to continue to follow the guidelines which are outlined in AB-2380. We focus our services on prevention and recognize and follow the direction of the arriving “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (AHJ) and/or the Incident Commander on every single incident, no matter how small or complex. We strive to cooperate with any and all AHJ directives including sharing our full operating procedures, employee certifications and backgrounds, equipment descriptions and overall capabilities. That includes a strict adherence to all professional Fire and Law Enforcement directives and fire incident access restrictions.

In addition, Capstone personnel meet and exceed Federal (NWCG) and State (CICCS) training requirements for fire personnel. Most of our firefighters currently work for or are recently retired from Federal, State, and Local public safety agencies, including high ranking officers in their respective departments or Incident Management Teams.

We look forward to continuing to provide this important and necessary service to our customers during a time of increasing dangerous “new norm” of wildfire activity working cooperatively with Public Safety Agency partners. We welcome any questions and look forward to solution oriented dialogue.

Matthew J. Dusa President & COO