Cleanup from Hurricane Harvey Will Need Experts

The recent disaster and devastation seen from Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria are some of the worst in American history. It is expected to cost billions to clean up and replace everything that was destroyed. However, having the experts available to do the proper cleanup and rebuilding is challenging.

According to recent news reports, Harvey has damage 13 different Superfund waste sites. Fires, explosions, and management of these areas do not have the proper service experts to ensure contamination and pollutants will not spread to other areas of the state not affected by the hurricane.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they are just beginning to survey the affected areas from the ground. However, an aerial survey is not looking good, an EPA spokesperson stated. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is already reporting thousands of residents are suffering from unexplained skin problems.

Cleaning up these areas will take years, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated. It will take longer if the proper fire and safety protection service is not there to prevent other tragedies from occurring. The state spokesperson has said the affected areas will see more fires and explosions, as well as possible disease from improperly managed cleanup services.

The danger is not over now that the storm has passed. Securing fire and safety personnel and experts to protect the remaining assets and repair personnel and construction workers is vital. Most company employees do not have the specific knowledge and training in fire and safety specialty areas. Therefore securing companies, such as Capstone is vital.

Capstone supports the recent disaster areas of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. As a fire and safety service company, we can be on site to ensure the construction and repair sites have fire protection, safety, and rescue personnel immediately available. Not only is it imperative a company have proper fire protection and safety in place, it is a regulation under 38 CFR 1926.24.

There is nothing more important than protecting workers repairing these disaster areas and ensuring hazards are prevented or mitigated. Securing proper resources, like a fire and safety management service company, ensure OSHA and other regulations are being followed and all personnel are safe. Refining facilities, underground sewage, and electrical sites, as well as other industries, are encouraged to contact Capstone before repair and rebuild plans are started.

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