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Staff Qualifications & Training Programs

Staff Qualifications & Training Programs

The mission of the Capstone Fire Management Training Committee is to design, manage, evaluate and implement professional development programs that enhance life safety for our Rescue Technicians, Fire Fighters, our customers and the community. Each Division at Capstone Fire Management has a different qualification profile that is tightly managed by respective Division Chiefs and the Training Committee.


Capstone’s Firefighters, Fire Marshals, Instructors, Site Safety Specialists and Rescue Technicians are all experts in their field coming to our company with mandatory minimum credentials and years of professional experience.

In addition to countless hours of shift training and continuing education, our Firefighters and Rescue Technicians hold respective certifications of training at the Texas A&M Flammable Liquid Firefighting School, Maritime Firefighting, AARF Fire/Rescue Training, IRATA and various Ca. State Fire Marshal curriculums to name a few.

For a full description of our minimum experience and qualification profile for individuals, please visit our employment page.


The Capstone Fire Management Training Committee is responsible for the initial training of new employees and for providing on-going professional development of our Firefighters. The division develops, delivers, and evaluates training programs to ensure that each individual and operational team of the Company is able to perform their duties safely, effectively, and efficiently.

The Training Committee helps Capstone Fire Management Inc. maintain a reputation as a nationally-recognized private safety service provider by providing programs that meet or exceed current industry standards.

The Training Division also develops innovative programs, keeping the organization on the leading edge of fire and life safety service delivery. Capstone Fire Management Inc. (CFMI) personnel log a high number of training hours each year on a variety of specialized Fire and Life Safety scenarios. Examples of training include company operations, emergency driving, live fire, specialized utility infrastructure, management, and employee development.


Confined Space/Technical Rescue

A 40 hour Confined Space Rescue course is mandatory for all Capstone Confined Space Rescue Technicians. All Capstone employees come with experience and a high level of certification but, passing our in-house academy is an important step in moving from a ‘conditional’ employee to ‘operational’ status. The 40 hour Confined Space Rescue course is designed to hone specific rescue skills and equipment used in Capstone’s Rescue Division. Atmospheric Monitoring, Medical treatment and packaging, SCBA’s, SKA-PAKS, Airline management, Rope management, Rigging, Rope systems and HAZWOPER are among a long list of skills Technicians must master. Capstone’s Rescue Technicians are prepped for the unique rescue requirements in and around Power Generation Stations, Substations, Petro, Chemical, Tunnel, Up and Down stream sites and other Utility Company infrastructure. Other training includes in house promotional testing for the position of Level I, II, III and Rescue Team Leader; continuing education classes; evaluating incumbent Level III; providing Trailer Towing Awareness classes, including classroom and skills portion; and driver training to the Training Academy: Light Rescue Vehicles, Trailering, Heavy Rescue Vehicles and Trailers to name a few.

Fire Related Training Academy

Wildland Fire Academy:

Capstone Fire provides 4×4, back country wildfire and life safety support to a variety of customers. Severe drought conditions throughout the west have re-defined ‘wildfire season’. The “season” is now considered year-round throughout much of the western United States.

Early each Spring, Capstone Fire hosts an internal wildland fire academy in southern California for successful candidates who pass/navigate our hiring process. The Academy consists of an arduous pack test, written tests and manipulative skills in an intensive academy in the back-country of San Diego County. The Academy focuses on individual skill refinement to include progressive hose lay drills, drafting, foam/gels, tactics, radio use/comms, leadership, ICS, troubleshooting, hydraulics, structure protection, customer service and emergency burn-over/shelter scenarios to name just a few of the topics.

Each Firefighter is issued a task book and held accountable for performing at world-class levels. Capstone Fire does not compromise on the safety or quality of our operations.

Driver Program:

A 2-week Driver Academy is mandatory for all Capstone Driver Operators and designed to meet the NFPA 1002 Standard. All Capstone employees come with experience and a high level of certification, the academy is designed to hone specific driving skills used to navigate arduous terrain for our Wildfire Division including spotting apparatus, four wheel drive operation & mobile attack. Industrial Fire Engineers are prepped for the unique driving environment in and around Power Generation Stations, Substations and other Utility Company infrastructure. Other training includes in house promotional testing for the position of Driver/Engineer; continuing education classes; evaluating incumbent drivers; providing Trailer Towing Awareness classes, including classroom and skills portion; and driver training to the Training Academy: Light Vehicle, Trainee Pumper Operations, Brush Truck and Off Road.

Specialized Training:

Because of the specialized nature of our services, we routinely call on a small network of highly skilled consulting companies and individuals to provide frequent refresher training courses to employees. Examples include High/Low Angle Rope Rescue for Electrical Tower Construction Rescue, Confined Space Rescue Drills specific to Utility Company Infrastructure and Construction Activities, Emergency Medical Drills specific to Electricity related trauma, Helicopter Operations related to Utility Transmission and Distribution Construction, Specialty Utility Related FireFighting including Transformers, Substation, Vault and Power Generation Facility Firefighting and Rescue.

In addition, each year we send personnel to maritime firefighting, AARF training & Texas A&M Industrial Firefighting School specializing in Flammable Liquid and High Pressure Gas Fires. This 5 day Academy is a highly specialized training program which focuses on the specific techniques and tactics necessary to attack complex industrial fires and beyond.

On-going Training:

All Capstone Fire Employees are required to maintain current certifications in Firefighting, Rescue and Emergency Medical Technician. Each employee has access to California State Fire Marshal credentialed Fire Instructors on staff for individual training, or through an accredited Instructor Based Continuing Education program. Engine companies and support personnel are required to document daily training to include safety briefings and have access to Lesson Plans, Standard Operating Procedures and Daily Training Drills and classroom education materials.


Career development is the process of assessing abilities, interests, and career goals, then pursuing a plan to reach these goals. It involves continuously seeking and applying new knowledge, recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities, and taking strategic risks in order to help the organization be productive and effective while supporting employee’s career and personal goals.

The Company is in a continual growth mode, and we value what the employees bring to the table. Career Development allows the employees to grow with the company. At Capstone Fire Management, changing conditions on the ground and the use of new technologies have caused a reevaluation of our approach to the job. New challenges that require technological skills, leadership, and a highly trained and responsive workforce with enhanced critical thinking skills for accurate decision making. Employees benefit if they position themselves for long term employability and advancement in a rapidly changing workforce. Fortunately, Capstone Fire Management has both a strategic interest in developing and retaining skilled employees and the resources to help them achieve career and Company goals. There is no single career development path that is right for everyone. People have different skills, interests, values and goals. The aim of our program is to assist in developing a sequential, progressive, and systematic approach to setting and achieving career development goals for the workforce.

The program provides a framework for managers, supervisors and employees to maximize career development opportunities within Capstone Fire Management. It contains procedures, tools, links, resources and references to assist personnel in their career development. Each individual possesses unique aptitudes, skills, experiences and expectations. Supervisors have a responsibility to assist employees in identifying strengths and weaknesses and to provide guidance and support for employees to explore and expand their options and their value to Capstone Fire Management. Employees must make the effort to fully explore their interests and abilities, pursue their career goals, and understand their commitment to Capstone Fire Management.

National Incident Management System

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a standardized approach to incident management and response. The NIMS framework is designed to apply to all incidents, regardless of their size or complexity. NIMS training is required for all federal, state, local, tribal, private sector and non-governmental personnel who have a direct role in emergency management and response. The Training Committee is in charge of making sure all employees of Capstone Fire Management Inc. (CFMI) are educated in NIMS and certified based on their role and responsibilities.


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