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Wildland Fire Services

Capstone Fire & Safety Management is one of the largest private wildland fire services provider for fire suppression and fire prevention in the United States. Our company has extensive professional experience serving the U.S. Federal Government, State of California and some of the largest utility & construction companies in operation.

We provide contract wildfire services to Federal Incident Management Teams throughout the nation. The geography we serve is broken up by region as defined by the U.S. Forest Service. Our units are positioned in Regions 3, 4, 5 and 8 (see map below) for quick deployment to aid in complex, large wildfire events. We field a large fleet of fully staffed fire apparatus to include tactical water tenders and quick-attack wildfire engines with advanced emergency medical capabilities. Our operations are led by a professional fire command staff and dispatched by a state-of-the-art field technology and full time dispatch staff.

US Forest Service Regionus Map

In addition to serving the U.S. Government, Capstone focuses heavily on providing remote fire, rescue and safety services for some of the nation’s largest utility, construction and infrastructure companies. We serve in critical safety management and field roles serving major projects throughout remote service territories for construction and maintenance projects. Our command staff seamlessly integrates with project management to manage all aspects of fire, rescue, training and compliance for operations in sensitive or regulated areas. Our management staff handles permitting processes, planning and logistics, theater-wide emergency operations coordination and project pre-planning.

We position Firefighter EMT/Rescue personnel in strategic areas of projects operating in remote areas prone to fire and long response times by traditional fire response agencies. Typical scenarios we oversee include Construction and Maintenance, Hot Work, Road Grading, Helicopter Operations, Trouble Calls for distribution networks, High Wind Events, Red-Flag Warnings and approaching wildfire protection among many others.

Our teams have extinguished many fires started inadvertently by crews performing hot work, grading or other fire threatening activities and have been credited for preventing negative legal and insurance actions for our clients. Teams have also responded to countless medical emergencies for construction or utility personnel operating in very dangerous areas to include enacting rescue operations for trapped or injured workers. Our capabilities include quick attack fire suppression and prevention, helicopter safety support, rope rescue for low and high angle emergencies such as vehicles over-the-side, roll overs or tower pick off rescues. All of our personnel are very experienced fire/rescue experts and all carry Emergency Medical Technician licensure.


General Foreman, United States Gypsum Co.

“Capstone has exceeded all rescue service expectations. Employees are very well trained and professional.”


Capstone Fire & Safety Management Now Providing Fire and Rescue Services to Government Entities

Capstone Fire & Safety Management provides logistic and operational support to complex prescribed fire events through the USDA, Dept. of Defense, BRAC and large remediation companies. We have provided prescribed fire support to multiple entities throughout the years including large timber and private forestry operations…

Wildfire Prevention

Capstone Fire & Safety Management provides full service wildfire prevention and safety services to projects that pose a significant fire and safety risk. We assume the position of Fire Marshal, Fire Patrol Services and Project-Wide Safety Coordination for our clients to satisfy US Forest Service and other agency requirements to operate within Project Activity Levels and during Red Flag Warning events. Our expertise is to provide…

Wildland Firefighting

Wildfire Suppression

Firefighting personnel with Capstone Fire & Safety Management have extensive municipal, federal and/or state experience and credentials. We hold several contracts to provide wildfire suppression with the utility industry, insurance industry and the Federal Government. We understand and operate within the Incident Command System and alongside well known AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to include Type 1 Incident Command teams. Our capabilities include asset protection using Firefighting Gels, Foams, standard triage techniques and coordination with other fire agency resources…

Firefighting Apparatus, Tools and Gear

We take great pride in the sourcing, maintenance and safe operation of our vehicles, facilities and life safety equipment. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art sourced from well known and reputable manufacturers. Staff members pay very close attention to recording the use and maintenance of our equipment and train on scenarios daily both routine and complex. Equipment is categorized by an inventory tracking system and routinely rotated out for new equipment on a frequent basis. We strictly adhere to ANSI, NFPA and OSHA standards/guidelines for fire and rescue equipment. Our fleet vehicles are professionally sourced and maintained by reputable third party partners.

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