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Industrial Fire Services

We offer Industrial Fire Services that specialize in industrial setting, flammable liquid and complex electric related events. Capstone Fire & Safety Management owns and operates a fleet of specialized industrial firefighting apparatus and unique delivery systems to initiate technically precise fire attack on demanding fires. Our company has achieved a stellar reputation in the electric generation industry for successfully extinguishing several complex fires saving our client’s time, money, and exposure.

We operate on a full-time basis in North Dakota, the Gulf States Region and throughout California with abilities to serve clients throughout the U.S. In all cases we work collaboratively with our clients to integrate into the fabric of their unique infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creativity to solve our client’s needs with stringent adherence to safety, flexibility, price sensitivity and quality assurance. In addition to firefighting, emergency medical response, technical rescue and fire prevention & inspection, our crews train corporate personnel or adjunct staff in fire safety including CPR/First Aid and Fire Extinguisher use among many other value add services. Crew are versed in the latest technology to effectively digitally pre-plan fire and life safety events, facility layouts, hazard assessments and mitigation measures.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management strictly adheres to NFPA 600, 1081 and OSHA 1910.156 requirements among many others.


Senior Program Manager, City of San Jose Water

“Capstone Fire Management has been an asset to our company. I worked with them for the last five years with great results for their work and dedication. Capstone has proven to have a well trained staff, which is professional and knowledgeable in all their duties. They are diligent and respectful in all that they do.”

Industrial Firefighter Training

Each Firefighter at Capstone Fire & Safety Management comes to us with extensive experience and current credentials. We do not field new employees without a tested background. All Industrial Fire personnel undergo several in-house training events to include an arduous academy complete with skills and academic testing. Finally, all Capstone Fire & Safety Management Industrial Fire Service members attend a series of comprehensive training courses, both acadmic and didactic at the Texas A&M TEEX Industrial Firefighter school.

Firefighting Apparatus, Tools and Gear

We take great pride in the sourcing, maintenance and safe operation of our vehicles, facilities and life safety equipment. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art sourced from well known and reputable manufacturers. Staff members pay very close attention to recording the use and maintenance of our equipment and train on scenarios daily both routine and complex. Equipment is categorized by an inventory tracking system and routinely rotated out for new equipment on a frequent basis.

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