Crisis Management Training and Planning

Risk Mitigation and Emergency Response Solutions

Capstone Fire & Safety Management and 3Ci Global Solutions Ltd. are proud to announce a strategic partnership to provide comprehensive crisis solutions, risk mitigation, and emergency response services.

Our partnership brings unparalleled expertise and benefit to our clients.

Providing fire and safety services for:

  • Industrial Firefighting Standby and Rescue
  • Technical and Confined Space Rescue
  • Ancillary Safety Services

Providing consulting services for:

  • Crisis Management Training and Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Ci6 Emergency Management Engineering


Capstone Fire dedicated fire and rescue personnel deliver professional safety services, with state of the art equipment, to companies with a unique need for highly specialized resources.

3Ci Global Solutions experts are from government, business, and commerce offering hands-on consulting knowledge and training of emergency preparedness and readiness, security, response, recovery, investigation, and mitigation.

Service Standards

Capstone Fire provides onsite industrial fire response, technical rescue, life safety, and compliance services at industrial project locations and fixed installations. We tailor services to the specialized and unique needs of each customer.

3Ci Global Solutions is making a difference globally to reduce the risks and impacts associated with all emergencies. We do this by providing high value services to government and business entities to ensure clients remain fully functional no matter what disaster may strike.

Consult with our service professional about your specific needs.