Fire and Rescue Services Overview

Industrial Fire Services - Wildland Fire Services - Technical and Confined Space Rescue Services

Fire and Rescue Services Overview

Capstone Fire & Safety Management’s fire and rescue services focus on providing Industrial Fire services, Wildland Fire services, Technical and Confined Space Rescues services for public and private entities seeking to adhere to OSHA regulations, mitigate costs and potential liability exposures to fire and safety incidents. We specialize in providing a limited number of services to our clients by design – to be the industry’s best fire and rescue service provider at competitive prices.

Our company provides industrial fire services, wildland fire, technical rescue and life safety solutions to industries that have a unique need for highly specialized and dedicated resources. We solve our clients unique needs in a collaborative, cost effective and responsive manner. Our services are used by large Utility Companies, Petroleum and Chemical Industries, Large Infrastructure and Remediation Companies, Construction Companies, Government Entities and many others.

We solve your needs in a collaborative, cost effective and responsive manner 

Confined Space Rescue Services

Technical Rescue and Confined Space Rescue

Our staff and equipment are industry leaders providing technical rescue services worldwide. Capstone Fire & Safety Management teams bring an unsurpassed level of focus, professionalism and expertise to our valued customers with high demands and expectations for operational excellence. We are prepared to meet the challenges of emergencies within a confined space.

  • Technical Rescue
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Specialized Rescue Apparatus, Tools and Gear that meets and exceeds ANSI, NFPA and OSHA standards.

Wildland Fire Ignition Prevention and Suppression

Wildland Fire Ignition Prevention and Suppression

Our Wildfire services focus on reducing the risk of fire ignition by our customers and aggressive suppression of wildfires for client asset protection, DoD and Federal entities. Capstone fields a large state-of-the-art fleet of compliant wildfire apparatus with remote field safety capabilities. Our professional Firefighters and Safety Professionals hold nationally recognized best-in-class certifications and service records. We specialize in on-site fire prevention, safety oversight, event response and asset protection.

  • Wildfire Prevention
  • Wildfire Suppression
  • State-of-the-art Wildland Firefighting Apparatus, Tools and Gear

Industrial Fire Services attacking a utlilty power plant

Industrial Fire Services

We field full time Fire services that specialize in industrial setting, flammable liquid and specialized electric related events. Capstone Fire & Safety Management fields and operates industrial firefighting apparatus and specialized delivery systems to initiate technically precise fire attack on complex fires. Our company has achieved a stellar reputation top performance marks in the electric generation industry for successfully extinguishing several complex fires saving our clients time, money and exposure. Our unique abilities to offer full service fire brigades also include manufacturing, research and development and other industrial settings in need of firefighting services.

  • Complex industrial firefighting
  • Premier Credentials and Training
  • State-of-the-art Industrial Firefighting Apparatus, Tools, and Gear

Specialty Services

Confined Space Rescue Site Safety Specialists

Professional Project Safety Specialist

Capstone Fire & Safety Management is now offering professional Project Safety Specialist to provide consultation and oversight to a variety of industries. Specifically, we focus on area and facility construction or maintenance projects for short or long duration assignments…

Fire and Rescue Services to Government Entities

Capstone Fire & Safety Management Now Providing Fire and Rescue Services to Government Entities

Capstone Fire & Safety Management provides logistic and operational support to complex prescribed fire events through the USDA, Dept. of Defense, BRAC and large remediation companies. We have provided prescribed fire support to multiple entities throughout the years including large timber and private forestry operations…


Capstone Fire & Safety Management is a private company headquartered in Southern California specializing in fire prevention and wildfire mitigation, serving the U.S Forest Service and large utility companies for over 20 years.

From Energy, Communication, Oil and Natural Gas Companies to Telephone, Transportation, Railway and Rights of Way Vegetation Management, we provide specialized fire and life safety solutions with highly qualified management personnel, trained professional firefighters and specialized equipment.

All of our fire/rescue staff members come with extensive firefighting experience. Many of our staff is still active duty and furnishes state fire marshal level or equivalent training and certification. Our staff is specifically trained in electrical safety and has extensive experience in complex utility fire operations. All credentials are immediately available upon request through a digital file sharing system.

All of our equipment is late model, well-maintained customized fire apparatus for wildfire operations, industrial fire operations, and confined space rescue.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management collaborates with each customer and delivers a customized service package. We provide a range of services for field and/or facility based services including full industrial fire services, fire marshal compliance staffing, confined space rescue, gas transmission system maintenance stand-by, wildfire ignition prevention, tower construction rope rescue, EMT services, and more.

Capstone Fire & Safety Management is continually growing and we value the expertise employees bring to the table. We always accept career opportunity applications for positions in all of our divisions — confined space rescue, wildland fire prevention and suppression, and industrial fire services.

Please click here for more details and job postings in our “Careers” section.

No, we are a private company and do not compete with state or local fire departments. Our contracts are with large utility companies as well as other private or government entities.


Senior Program Manager, City of San Jose Water

“Capstone Fire Management has been an asset to our company. I worked with them for the last five years with great results for their work and dedication. Capstone has proven to have a well trained staff, which is professional and knowledgeable in all their duties. They are diligent and respectful in all that they do.”


Capstone Fire & Safety Management Dispatch

Dispatching Fire and Rescue Units

Capstone Fire & Safety Management utilizes state-of-the-art fleet tracking software and communication devices to alert, monitor, and dispatch units to all 50 states. All of our units carry high-tech radios, satellite phones, and MDC (Mobile Data Computers) to keep in constant communication with our Command Staff, Clients, Incident Command and one another for safety and coordination purposes.


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