April 13 2018

Safety Regulations Around the World

Occupational safety and health is a concern for an employers and employees worldwide. Many countries have established regulatory bodies that are regularly enforced through the actions of special agencies. In the US and its territories, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) is the regulatory body for a […]

March 30 2018

Evolving approaches for Critical Infrastructure Protection during hostile actions

The threats major infrastructure and multi-national corporations face has widened dramatically in the past twenty years to include piracy, terrorism, and sabotage among others. Pipelines, nuclear facilities, oil and chemical plants, railway, and airports are paramount to a functioning western society and are identified as primary targets by groups of “bad actors” looking to cripple […]

March 16 2018

3 Things to Know About Private Fire Protection Companies

Neighborhoods around the world rely on fire protection services as a peace of mind asset for their community. The organization will get calls when there are fires, emergencies, or rescues to navigate life altering events. Most communities have local services that are paid for by public dollars in the form of the local fire department. […]

March 02 2018

Keys to Understanding the Fall Protection Regulations for General Industry – Part 2

The General Industry 29 CFR 1910 Subparts D and I where changed significantly in 2017 to reflect the Construction standard 29 CFR 1926 Subparts M and L. This post is a continuation of Part 1, 7 Keys to Understanding the Fall Protection Regulation changes. The General Requirements in 1910.22 Ladders 1910.23 Scaffolding 1910.27(a) Duty to […]

February 16 2018

Keys to Understanding the Fall Protection Regulations for General Industry- Part 1

The revision of the Walking-Working Surfaces rule for General Industry (GI) had been a long time coming for OSHA. There have been fall protection rules with vague or missing wording in the 29 CFR 1910 Subpart D standard ever since it was adopted in 1971. In 1984, an OSHA standard directive number STD 01-01-013 outlined […]

February 02 2018

The Truth about Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

Hydrogen sulfide is more than the rotten egg odor that is smelled around propane tanks. It is the bacterial actions breaking down decaying matter, which produces hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and creates the rotten egg smell. However, the truth is that H2S exposure can be deadly for workers in wastewater, mining, agriculture, textile manufacturing, food processing, […]

January 19 2018

Regulations for Confined Space Rescue

Every employee has a right to a safe work environment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the regulatory agency protecting workers in the workplace. One of the most important regulations covers employees working in confined spaces. The regulation for employers to understand is OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146. Working in confined spaces is more […]

January 05 2018

Benefits of Outsourcing Industrial Safety Services

Industrial fire and safety service providers give relief too many industries. According to Joel Reuter, Vice President of Communications for Rolls-Royce Allison states, “No matter how big a company gets, it needs help covering all the safety issues to make sure employees are working in optimal conditions.” Reuters points out it is extremely beneficial for […]

December 08 2017

Fire and Safety in the Renewable Energy Market

With the expansion of utilities into renewable energy, such as solar, the need for fire and safety services continues to be an important factor in the industry. While solar energy is a growing industry, the hazards are not unique. Arc flashes (which include arc flash burn and blast hazards), electric shock, falls, and thermal burn […]

November 10 2017
Cedar Fire

Wildfires: A Learning Lesson in Utility Fire Safety

The utility industry faces one of the most unique set of threats in terms of fire and safety. From natural gas leaks to transformer malfunctions to external threats, such as wildfires — the cost to infrastructure and human loss is undeniable. The risks make Gas & Electric companies learn to expect the unexpected and prepare […]