Capstone Fire Management – CFMI
Industrial Fire Brigade Division

Capstone Fire Management provides Industrial Fire Brigade services to Electric Utility Company Infrastructure and Assets. Our expertise includes fire and life safety protection at Power Generation Facilities, Substations to include Transformer Fires, Switchyards, Subsurface Vaults...Continue reading→

Wildland Fire Division

Capstone Fire Management Inc. provides wildfire ignition prevention, rope rescue services, Haz-Mat First Responders and EMT's to several major Utility companies (and their sub-contractors) operating in wildfire prone territory. We position staffed Wildland Fire Engines with utility crews during Construction & Maintenance, Hot Work, Road Grading, Helicopter Operations, Trouble Calls, High Wind Events, Red-Flag Warnings...Continue reading→

Rescue Division

Capstone provides full service management of Permit-Required Confined Space entries providing permit oversight & support including hazard assessment & control, atmospheric monitoring, ventilation & accountability. Our Stand By Rescue Teams are comprised of highly trained personnel, using state-of-the-art rescue equipment and techniques...Continue reading→

Safety & Training Division

We provide on-site Safety and Training Services to your organization and it's employees to enhance and improve safe work environment. Capstone provides monthly refresher courses, specific training and safety classes aimed directly at your specific needs, we make sure it is always "safety first."...Continue reading→